7 Misconceptions about Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

7 Misconceptions about Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

7 Misconceptions about Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

  • 26th January 2018
  • Six Ticks Limited

With smartphone usage now the norm, and with a growing hunger for content and information amongst consumers globally, switched-on brands have been launching dedicated mobile apps and Progressive Web Apps to serve their marketplace. But there are some common misconceptions that have been preventing some SMEs from taking the plunge. Here we blow these out of the water, and reveal the real truth about apps...

  1. Apps Are Just a Fad

    Apps are just a fad

    Collectively in the UK, we check our smartphones a staggering one billion times a day. A whopping 85% of time on our phones is spent using or downloading the apps that are available to us all.

    We are obsessed with mobile, so small businesses should be too! Mobile Application downloads and usage is growing rapidly and there are no obvious signs of this slowing down any time soon. In fact according to analysis from application intelligence firm App Annie, downloads and time spent in applications grew massively during 2016, with worldwide downloads up 15% year-on-year, and revenue paid to developers going up as much as 40%.

    We are also seeing a new trend with the rise of Progressive Web Apps (PWA's). PWAs are essentially websites built specifically for mobile devices and PWAs have a lot of major perks which create a user friendly experience and increase customer loyalty.

    Here at Six Ticks we progressive web apps developers and we also develop mobile apps for all kinds of businesses - from medical specialists, cafes, dentists and even golf courses - all of whom want to keep up with the latest technology for their customers.Mobile is here to stay so contact us today to find out how we can help your business to better connect with your tap happy customers!

  2. They're Expensive

    They're expensive

    It's estimated that Uber's app cost over £2.5 million to set up, so it's completely understandable that many small businesses feel that they're not able to justify the costs of using a mobile app. But with a staggering 15 billion applications expected to be downloaded in the UK before 2019, it's a technology which is becoming impossible for businesses to ignore. And missing out on up-and-coming know-how could mean your company loses ground.

    Which is why at Six Ticks we're here to help you. We specialise in assisting small and medium-sized enterprises by offering high quality mobile solutions, such as PWAs and mobile apps, that don't have to break-the-bank. You might be surprised to discover that customised mobile apps for smaller businesses can be developed for as little as £1,000.

  3. Only Young People Use Apps

    Only young people use apps

    Not true! A recent survey revealed that as many as 86% of over 24 year olds and up to 80% of over 55 year olds said they were likely to use apps each time they accessed their smartphone. And here in the UK, as many as 83% of 35-54 years said they used apps regularly with up to 42% of 54-65 year olds saying that they owned and were happy to use a smartphone. The moral of the story? Your customers are likely to be already engaging with apps and PWAs.

  4. Apps Are Too Complicated...

    Apps are too complicated

    At Six Ticks we recognise that not everyone is a natural techie and we know that the world of mobile application development and PWA's can sound complex, so we cut the jargon and work closely with your business across the development and crucial launch stage. We go the extra mile to make sure that you have an app which you love and, which works best for you and your company. Above all, we aim to make you 'appy'.

    Full training is provided on all of our outstanding products to make sure you're feeling confident when using them. And our team is always on hand via a simple phone call if you need any help or guidance. We've also developed a user friendly content management system and - if you can use Microsoft Word - you can update and manage your app with ease.

  5. I Already Have a Website

    I already have a website

    With internet access now available on numerous devices, mobile-friendly content is crucial for connecting with users and also boosts Google rankings, meaning more people can find your business.

    Over the last few years, responsive design has emerged as the primary method for making websites mobile-friendly. But as the user experience evolves, simply having a responsively-designed site is not enough.

    Mobile apps and websites with progressive web apps allow your business to better connect with your customers. Better connection, means increased customer loyalty and sales!

    What's more, push notifications have an astonishing 95% read rate amongst users, compared to the industry standard email read rates of just 20%.

    Apps also have much more capacity than websites and can include in-app digital loyalty schemes for bookings, reservations or shopping, as well as personalised marketing. Having the ability to access information via your smartphone enables you to keep in touch with your business, from any location.

  6. Apps Take a Long Time to Build

    Apps take a long time to build

    This really depends on what you're looking for.

    We have pre-developed mobile apps that are all ready to go or we can develop custom PWAs, so there's no need for you to wait. Once an app proposal has been agreed and finalised, the PWA or app development project takes on average as little as 6-10 weeks. And should you require any bespoke work, we'd be happy to help.

  7. Apps are Only for Big Companies

    Apps are only for big companies

    Not anymore.

    Apps are for ALL companies who want to connect better with their customers and improve communication and loyalty.

    A recent survey suggested that 57% of small businesses questioned said retaining customers was their top priority over anything else.

    Interestingly, as many as 50% said that they were considering the idea of investing in an app in the near future.

Fascinating App Stats!

Proof that the UK is a very appy place!

  • 89% of smartphone users use their phones while at work
  • 81% of UK adults own a smartphone
  • 32% of people check their smartphone within five minutes of waking
  • 31% of smartphone users do not use their phones to make calls in any given week
  • 34% of smartphone users check their phones during the middle of the night
  • 30% of all online purchases by Millennials are done on mobile devices - this jumps to 33% for mums!

If you'd like to find out how your business can get appy, contact us!


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