Caradoc Medical Services Mobile App

Caradoc Medical Services Mobile App

Caradoc Medical Services Mobile App

  • 21st March 2017
  • Six Ticks Limited

Six Ticks launches new mobile app for Caradoc

Six Ticks is excited to have teamed up with not-for-profit organisation Caradoc Medical Services to develop their new mobile app which launches this month.

Caradoc is a 'strength in numbers' consortium which uses the collaborative buying power of its 25,000 members to secure competitive prices on office, catering, and medical supplies for GP's therapists, schools, and dentists. It also provides training, special partner discounts and offers for healthcare and public-sector staff.

So why an app?

Okay, so we know its a huge cliché but the future is mobile and with over 80% of adults in the UK now owning a smartphone it's important for organisations of all sizes to tap into smart technology.

Apps can do so much that websites and emails can't, providing an easy to navigate, a personalised resource which is always just a tap away for customers. Smartphone users check their phones on average 80 times per day so it's a no-brainer that businesses want to embrace this technology and put themselves at their customer's fingertips.

So how will the app benefit Caradoc members?

As a buying consortium, Caradoc's members are at the heart of the organisation, and we were excited to develop an app which could offer a new way for them to connect with members and provide an easier way for them to access Caradoc's products and services.

A key focus of the app is an online shop, which enables members to view Caradoc's catalogue of products and purchase items with just a few taps of their fingertips. The app also makes repeat ordering easy - a great benefit of the app is that users remain logged in, which allows easy access to users shopping accounts and quick, seamless re-ordering of previous items.

Caradoc works hard to provide its members with the best offers and therefore communication is also a vital part of the organisation. Therefore another key feature of the app is enabling Caradoc to update members with industry news, events, and special offers. The app enables push notifications (direct messages to users' phones) and also provides a hub for Caradoc news, with easy to navigate links to all their news, YouTube, and social media feeds. Quick tap-through contact forms also mean that members are only ever just a click away from directly contacting Caradoc, bringing them closer to the organisation.

There are so many reasons for small to medium-sized organisations like Caradoc to launch an app and we are looking forward to seeing them reap the benefits.

How do I download the app?

Head to the App Store (iPhone users) or Google Play Store (Android users) and search "Caradoc Medical Services" and Hit download! Or click on one of the links below!

Caradoc Apple App

If you're interested in finding out how an app could benefit your organisation, club, or business, then get in touch for a free demo app, we'll be very APPy to talk to you!


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