How to compare website proposals

How to compare website proposals

How to compare website proposals

  • 1st January 1970
  • Six Ticks Limited

You’ve read our previous blog and you’ve written a killer website brief. Amazing. What happens next? Those proposals come in from all sorts of web development agencies who are desperate to work with YOU. 

It can be difficult to choose which agency to go with when so many great-looking proposals are sitting right in front of you.

Don’t panic. We’re here to help.

Highlight key comparisons

Draw up a table and start using a points system. It makes it so much easier for you to shortlist agencies quickly and effectively.

Here are some things to consider:

  • How has the agency understood your requirements?
  • What do you think of their process method?
  • How about their experience and expertise?
  • Is their price reasonable and within your budget? Make sure it includes EVERYTHING you’re asking for, you don’t want any add-ons further down the line.
  • Are you impressed with their creativity?

Whittle down your final few

Once you’ve used your table to score each proposal, you will have a few that are still in the running. Don’t pick one just yet, but try and cut your list down to a handful.

Make notes of what you like and dislike about each proposal. This is for your own reference, but we’d recommend you send this back to the agencies too - feedback is essential and they will appreciate the fact you’ve taken time to let them know.

Have a chat

Take the time to see if you get on with the agencies you’re looking at. Building a website can get stressful and intense, so you’re going to want to make sure you like the people you’re going through that experience with.

Also get in touch with the agencies’ previous clients. Has the agency put a relevant case study in their proposal? This means, have they put an enormous, high-budget, international project in their proposal when you’re wanting some work doing locally on a smaller budget potentially?

See if you can speak to a previous client that had a similar project to yours (as you’ll likely be working with the team they had) and see what they have to say about the agency. Previous customers are the best way to learn how an agency really operates!

Read what’s being said

We can all get completely distracted by pretty visuals…

Agencies will want to put their most eye catching work in their proposals, but are you reading what they’ve written?

The example they’ve attached may be a completely different package than what you’re after, or may be way over budget. 

Make sure to read through each proposal carefully and thoroughly to ensure you know exactly what is being offered to you and for what price. 

Need a hand?

We are more than happy to help if you have any web development and digital questions. Our team is a knowledgeable bunch and we’d love to give you a hand if we can.


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