FBC Manby Bowdler invests in digital overhaul

FBC Manby Bowdler invests in digital overhaul

FBC Manby Bowdler invests in digital overhaul

  • 18th August 2021
  • Six Ticks Limited

It’s great to be recognised for a job well done! We pride ourselves on what we do and like to think it means clients will call on us again when they need other important work carrying out on their systems.

We have been working closely with leading law firm FBC Manby Bowdler for some time and were delighted when they called us back to help with their digital overhaul. Here’s what FBC Managing Director Neil Lloyd had to say about it:


Why do you need a digital overhaul?

“We are trying to make the customer journey better. It all starts from where we spend our money digitally, how we do it across Facebook, SEO or Google Ads, making sure we target the right clients. We need to attract them into the website and that now has a much better flow and a much better customer focus than it had before.

 “Law firms can be quite stuffy so we are actually trying to look at it from a customer perspective. There are some good calls to action on the website - things the client can act on which goes through to our new enquiries team. The data is then stored in the CRM, so covers the whole process from the minute the customer acts on the advert through to instructing us.

 “We are a very client-focussed firm but our online presence hasn’t perhaps been that good in this respect. It’s all about doing what we say we do in a digital way. It’s helping us to manage the customer better so everyone knows what is happening with that customer - putting an efficient system in place to manage it all.”


Why choose Six Ticks?

“We’ve been working with Six Ticks for about four years. They started off building us a CRM, then they built our app, our pricing system and the intranet for our internal comms. The team was then involved doing some of our SCO and paper click stuff and we realised it made sense to move everything to one provider.

“We put it out for tender and decided to move it all across to Six Ticks after running a bit of a pilot with them to see how it would all work.

“They’ve got a proven track record in what they do and they have a proven track record with us over a long period of time and the pilot we ran with them had some great results - we allocated a small budget for that and asked them to show us what they could do.”


And the results?

Six Ticks has been working on the overhaul for six to eight months and it’s due for delivery on June 16. We have taken our time, not rushed it, had lots of meetings along the way, listened to what Six Ticks have had to say, we’ve changed some things to what we want it to do and tested a few things with staff as well.

“It’s on budget, on time in terms of delivery and we are pleased with the way it has gone.

“It will greatly improve the digital presence of the firm and how we attract and retain clients using the digital assets we have - forming part of our wider digital strategy. We will be turning on a client portal in the coming months so clients will be able to see documents rather than using the post. We are making the firm easier to deal with from a customer perspective.

“I would recommend anyone thinking about their digital strategy to consider Six Ticks. What you do find with them is people know Steff but don’t know the people who sit behind the business, but they are all as professional as she is.

“They know their stuff and are very quick in their response when we need support.”


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