Fresh New Website for My Shrewsbury

Fresh New Website for My Shrewsbury

Fresh New Website for My Shrewsbury

  • 15th December 2021
  • Six Ticks Limited

My Shrewsbury is a local company to us, so it was a delight to work with them to build their new website. Our goal was to give them a fresh, modern mobile-friendly website, and we definitely delivered on this. The new website is bright and bold while being easy to navigate. Each article on the page can shine, with popular posts being published on the homepage and tabs along the top that lead to more specific content. Along with these improvements, the site is mobile-ready to ensure it can reach a larger audience, therefore driving more traffic and increasing its online presence.

A "what's on" page is one of the website's new features. The page can be accessed easily via a tab at the top of the page. It's a calendar of all the events taking place in the area during the year, with links to purchase tickets if necessary.

My Shrewsbury is a supporter of the local community

My Shrewsbury is an independently owned, local magazine created by Katy Rink. Katy is a strong supporter of local culture and wanted to find a means to capture the spirit of the community, which led to the launch of the magazine in 2017. The journal reaches over 25,000 people and is distributed over a 10-mile radius of Shrewsbury to homes, businesses, and supermarkets.

The magazine covers everything you need to know about the local community including local people, arts and food and drink. They work with some of the best photographers and artists in the area to create the stunning artwork that is seen across the website as well as their magazine covers. They love to promote local talent, and with so many creative projects and new businesses starting up in the area, they are never short of content.

My Shrewsbury doesn’t just report on local news. As part of their mission to promote participating in the community, they initiated the ‘Carols on the Doorstep’ in December 2020.


Katy Rink, My Shrewsbury Editor, said:

“We have worked closely with Six Ticks to develop our vision for a digital platform that would let our fabulous My Shrewsbury content shine. We didn't want a run of the mill local media website, we wanted it to be the best in the UK and to prove that local does not have to compromise on quality. Steph is sharp, perceptive and responsive - she instantly recognised what I was trying to achieve. I think that we have created something very special together. It's already attracting a great number of views, although we've only had a soft launch so far. What Six Ticks has done is translated the soul of My Shrewsbury online - and that's exactly what we wanted.”

For more information, visit their website : 


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