Google Calendar Update - 5 New Features Coming Soon

Google Calendar Update - 5 New Features Coming Soon

Google Calendar Update - 5 New Features Coming Soon

  • 6th November 2017
  • Six Ticks Limited

Did You Know Google Calendar Is Changing?

5 New Features To Your Online Diary Your Business Should Know About!

Seasons have changed, years have passed, but Google Calendar has stayed the same. Until now! It seems the times they are a changing as Google Calendar gets ready for a big update in November 2017.

If you rely on the scheduler to plan your business or personal diary, then here's 5 new features to look out for:

  1. Automatic Screen Adjustment
    Good news - The new Google Calendar will automatically adjust to your browser window so it'll be easier for you to view, hurrah!
  2. A Fresh Look
    The update will include a fresh modern colour palate and 'sleek design' so planning all those meetings will be a pleasure!
  3. Meetings
    Another new feature is great for large businesses with multiple meeting rooms. When you book a room you'll be able to see the available facilities, so if you need coffee, disabled access, or audio visual, your calendar will tell you if the room has it! You'll also be able to have quick access to attendees contact details by hovering over their names. Great if you're late and need to get in touch with them!
  4. Sharing Your Documents
    You'll be able to add rich text and hyperlinks to your meeting invites so attendees have easy access to documents and files they need. This means they'll be up-to-date and raring to go when you meet!
  5. Multiple Calendar View
    With the new calendar you can not only view multiple people's diaries side-by-side, but you'll also be able to access daily, monthly or yearly views for your calendar. Nothing like planning ahead huh?!

How Do I Get The New Calendar?

The new calendar rollout begins in November.

If you're a personal Gmail customer then look out for a blue square on the top right hand corner of your page - click there and you can get it set up.

If you're a business who uses G-Suite then there are a few options:

  • Automatic transition - this is the default option. From 14th November Google will automatically be transitioning users to the new system. It'll take up to 8 weeks and it'll happen automatically so no action is required from you.
  • Manual - You could also move your users over manually in the Google Admin console - this is useful if you have users with outdated extensions which might not update automatically.

You can find detailed information on all the changes here:

If you need help or advice then Six Ticks are always here to lend a hand. Get in touch today and we'll get your new Google calendar up and running!


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