The Google Mermaid

The Google Mermaid

The Google Mermaid

  • 28th June 2015
  • Six Ticks Limited

What is it?

Today, we were working on a client's Mobile App, adding their various business locations and contact details. One of the locations is in Florida, so we used Google Maps to locate it. When we dragged the Pegman onto the road to load Street View, we noticed he wasn't quite his normal self...

There are a lot of very well-known Google Easter Eggs. "the tilt" and "do a barrel roll" in Google Search, for example.

But, every so often, Google change the Pegman character for a special occasion. Well, this is the Google Pegman character we found, and it's a mermaid!

Where is it?

The mermaid appeared in Sarasota, Florida (6575 Gateway Ave to be precise). It appears over most of Sarasota, but not in other parts of Florida. Since Google changed their maps, you need to click on the "View Larger Map" link to see the Street View Pegman icon, then grab it and drag it over this area of the map.

Why does it appear?

We didn't manage to find much information on it. The only thing we can think of is it is to do with a local Mermaid business.

In 2014, a Sarasota entrepreneur called Jayde Morgan set up a business making and selling mermaid outfits for children and adults alike. Siesta Key Mermaids make handcrafted, swimmable Mermaid tails and you can even buy them online at their website:!

Maybe this custom Google Pegman is in appreciation for this wonderful local business? If you have any other ideas, please contact us!

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