How Six Ticks Have Been Supporting Clients Through the COVID-19 Crisis

How Six Ticks Have Been Supporting Clients Through the COVID-19 Crisis

How Six Ticks Have Been Supporting Clients Through the COVID-19 Crisis

  • 16th August 2020
  • Six Ticks Limited

Okay, we're just going to say it. 2020 has been absolutely rubbish hasn't it?!

COVID-19 has caused havoc on businesses across the UK, and beyond. It's been a unexpected, and often harrowing experience for businesses of all sizes.

Here at website developers Six Ticks, we've missed meeting our friends from across the thriving Shropshire business community, but it hasn't all been doom and gloom. We've been inspired to see how businesses have rallied and adapted during these strangest of times, and we've been delighted to provide website and digital support to help businesses to build their online profiles so that they can come out of this crisis ready and resilient.

The Year of Going Digital

When the lockdown started, we knew that businesses would be facing unprecedented challenges, and for many, the first course of action would be to move their activities online so that they could continue to operate. We knew that not all businesses would need a multi-page, all singing, all dancing website, so we launched Six Ticks Elements to compliment our full websites development services.

Six Ticks Elements helps businesses of all sizes to boost their digital profile by creating new agile websites or digital features, or adding key features to existing sites such as online reservations or online payments.

Supporting Our Clients

During these difficult few months, we've also been working closely with existing clients to ensure they had everything they needed.

We knew that for many, working from home would pose a big challenge as they may not have the right set up or be used to remote working. Very early into the lockdown, our Director Steff ran a Remote Working webinar for the Severn Business Network, sharing information on digital tools and systems to help businesses to quickly adapt to working from home, and sharing wellbeing tips for employees who had been thrust into this new way of working. During a time where we knew people would be overwhelmed by screen time, Steff also launched a passion project, techtimeout, to help people to have a healthier relationships with tech.

Some businesses had more downtime than usual, so we used this time to ensure their websites and apps were in tip-top shape, so they could emerge from the pandemic prepared. We’ve been keeping busy behind the scenes and have recently launched a range of exciting new websites, such as Hawkstone Park and Chateau Rhianfa of the Interesting Hotels Group, The Salon, Lifeland and J&PR.

Developing Innovative Products

During the past few months, we have been supporting not-for-profit nursing and care home representatives Shropshire Partners in Care, further developing their Six Ticks mobile app which monitors the number of care home beds available across various care homes in Shropshire. The app proved crucial during the COVID-19 crisis, as it displayed information on available beds across Shropshire in order to help patients find placements sooner.

We were also able to introduce a new feature that tracked the number of patients who had tested positive for Coronavirus in care homes. These results were fed into the National Statistics for a number of cases of Coronavirus across the UK.

Keep On Truckin'!

There is no doubt about it, the COVID-19 crisis has been extremely tough on everyone, and the Six Ticks team is no exception.

For anyone who knows Steff and the team, you'll know how much we've missed our daily interactions with clients, charities, and the local community. Whether it's weekly meetings at the Severn Business Network, or popping in for a coffee meeting to talk about a new website development project with a local business, it's been tough not seeing everyone's lovely faces! We've of course been making up for it by checking in with clients for Zoom chats, webinars, and phone calls. 

Everyone's lives have seemingly changed overnight, but we are all made of strong stuff and our team adapted the way we worked and were proud of how we were able to support our clients during these difficult times.

We are excited and hopeful to see that society is slowly opening up again and we are so looking forward to connecting with people in person!

Website and Digital Solutions for the New Normal

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