In a World Obsessed with Social Media do you Need a Website?

In a World Obsessed with Social Media do you Need a Website?

In a World Obsessed with Social Media do you Need a Website?

  • 2nd May 2024
  • Six Ticks Limited

It’s 2024 and 4.5 billion people worldwide use social media every day, so if you’re a business owner with a decent social media presence, you might be thinking, do I really need a website to sell my product or service?

The answer is, a resounding YES, and here’s why…

Not Everyone Buys or Books Social Media

Okay, so yes, a lot of people use social media, however, there are still people who don’t, or those who prefer to make purchases through a professional website, so without one, your business could be missing out on sales.

You’re in the Driving Seat

If you have a website, you have full creative control of your site, its layout, and functionality. Plus, you own the domain, so your business won’t solely rely on the ever-changing whims of social media companies to be successful.

Establish Credibility & Boost Sales

Unlike social media, websites offer a more in-depth user experience, so don’t miss the opportunity to show off your expertise.

Whilst you can sell on socials, with a website, you can offer a better overall user experience and fully showcase your range of products or services, helping to transform casual browsers into serious customers.

Gain Superior Insights

An advantage of a website is you have a great insight into your customers' habits and preferences. 

Sites offer in-depth website analytics that help you learn about your customer base, their habits, your most viewed products or pages, rejected baskets, and the overall customer journey. Plus a professional, SEO-friendly website will improve your chances of ranking higher on search engine results.

Build a Better Brand (and Customer Base)

Whilst social media is a great shop window, your website invites people deeper into your world where you can really show them what you’re all about and showcase your brand.

With a website you can build bespoke features such as blogs or loyalty schemes, and add detail that’s harder to display on socials like pricing and contact information.

Ready to Invest in a New Website?

So, we’ve discussed the pros and pros of investing in a website for your business, but there’s one thing we didn’t mention. You shouldn’t just invest in any old website.

To maximise your online potential, your business needs a high-performing, bespoke website built by professional web developers.

And that’s where we come in.

Six Ticks creates SEO and mobile-friendly websites that look amazing and perform even better, so if you’d like a website that ticks all the boxes, contact us today.


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