Innovative New Website Built for Local PR Company J&PR

Innovative New Website Built for Local PR Company J&PR

Innovative New Website Built for Local PR Company J&PR

  • 7th October 2020
  • Six Ticks Limited

We were particularly excited for this project as it was for our very own PR partners, a local PR company based just down the road in Wellington. J&PR specialise in PR for events and business, content writing for websites, social media management, digital communications and even host training courses which can be carried out virtually or in the Shropshire area.

We have been working alongside J&PR for a while and have really got to know the individual personalities of the people who really make them stand out from the rest, one of the most important things to us when creating this particular bespoke website was to showcase the true character of the business.

J&PR and Six Ticks really are a match made in heaven, with them being the perfect PR partner and us providing them with a creative, innovative and reliable digital partner. J&PR had got to a point where they realised they needed a fresh new website and following a brainstorming session, sharing visions and ideas, they found having a personal connection with us really helped, we knew what they wanted and how they wanted it doing, so they enlisted us to make these ideas a reality!

We wanted to showcase the ‘fun’ side of J&PR, they’re not a traditional PR company, they’ve got real personality and we wanted that to come across to site visitors. One of the best ways to show this company is run by ‘real’ people, was to show those people for exactly who they were! We implemented a ‘Meet The Team’ feature where as well as showing the team in a professional light, by simply hovering the mouse over the member’s headshot, it quickly revealed a photo of them doing what they love best! Whether it be with their beloved pets, enjoying a refreshing pint, or playing their favourite instrument. We really felt this gave a more personal touch to the website that users would really warm to!

Bespoke and Innovative Features for Your Website

Six Ticks can help you focus on innovative features to increase your lead generation through your website, another example of which is the ‘What’s Your PR Potential?’ quiz, which is a feature we built into the J&PR home page, allowing visitors to get interactive with the site and really get involved with what J&PR are all about!

This is what J&PR had to say about us:

"We love how the Six Ticks team took our ideas and expanded on them but also how they linked everything together to make the customer journey smooth. The new site gives visitors access to all of the information needed without being overwhelming"

“A particular highlight of ours is the impact studies. We have strong case studies from a wide range of industries. Six Ticks created a page layout to present these in a powerful way, with tags to connect each case with the relevant PR service and sector. This helps visitors find relevant impact studies for them.” 

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