Is Your Website About to Be Named and Shamed by Google?

Is Your Website About to Be Named and Shamed by Google?

Is Your Website About to Be Named and Shamed by Google?

  • 17th December 2019
  • Six Ticks Limited

There was some BIG news from Google last month which could shake up the world of web development...

The all-powerful search engine has decided it’s time to take a stand against poorly developed websites, by announcing plans to introduce a new badging system to name and shame sites which don’t perform well.

This could have huge consequences for the many rogue web designers out there who consistently churn out poorly developed, badly coded, sub-standard websites.

Why the Change?

You see, Google wants search engine users to access only the best performing websites, and when websites have errors or are slow to load, Google knows about it and doesn’t want these sites to feature high up on their search engine.

These sites are essentially identified by Google and banished, sent beyond the wall to the purgatory of pages 10, 30, 50, or even 70 in the Google search engine…basically, places where only the most intrepid Googlers will find them. Because, well, why would we journey beyond page 2?

But when people do visit poorly developed websites, on the surface, it’s hard to know if they are up to scratch.

And this is about to change…

In a recent blog post entitled ‘Moving Towards a Faster Web’, Google announced:

“In the future, Chrome may identify sites that typically load fast or slow for users with clear badging. Badging is intended to identify when sites are authored in a way that makes them slow generally.

“Our early explorations will look at a number of Chrome surfaces, including the loading screen (splash screen), loading progress bar and context-menu for links.”

Not All Websites Are Created Equal

Here at Six Ticks, we know that when it comes to website development speed and coding matters.

We code all of our own websites in-line with Google’s strict performance criteria, and we even test them against Google before they launch so we know they tick all of the boxes.

We therefore strongly welcome the plans for a badging system to name and shame poorly developed websites.

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