Join The Hunt for Google Mermaid Pegman!

Join The Hunt for Google Mermaid Pegman!

Join The Hunt for Google Mermaid Pegman!

  • 15th November 2017
  • Six Ticks Limited

The Greatest Story You've Never Heard - The Search For Mermaid Pegman

It's been a rollercoaster of a year here at Six Ticks.

We've delivered over 24 websites, 15 mobile apps, but when we haven't been delivering quality IT to clients across Shropshire and the world, Six Ticks has been part of the greatest story you've never heard...

The search for the Google Mermaid, or 'Mermaid Pegman'. Or Merman... or Merpeg... No, Mermaid Pegman.

The Search for Who?

If you're just joining us, sit back, fasten your seatbelts and welcome to the adventure! Prepare yourself for a story of passion, mermaids, tropical islands, obsession and... IT!

That's right, for the past 18 months here at Six Ticks we've been obsessed with CRM systems, web development, and... Pegman, that little yellow guy you drag into Google Maps to guide you around street view.

But why Pegman, why now you ask? He's been around for years! Good question, and a gold star to you. Your inquisitive nature makes you a perfect recruit for this adventure.

Our obsession began way back in 2015 when we made a brilliant discovery.

We found that Pegman is not always what he seems. Sometimes he can be spotted in a different form... In some locations around the world he becomes a strange mermaid Pegman frolicking gleefully within Google Maps!

So dear reader, allow us to tell our tale of mermaids and monsters galore. A tale which has it all... a tale of obsession... far off lands... mystery emails,... car chases...

Well okay maybe not car chases, but the other stuff for sure.

Chapter One: The Beginning

Picture this.

It's a dark and stormy night in the English countryside. A solitary white stonewashed house sits silent, just a few miles east of the medieval market town of Shrewsbury.

Welcome to Six Ticks HQ.

Rain lashes at the windows as the clock strikes midnight. The howling wind, the knocking of the rain at the window, and the light tapping of a keyboard, is all that can be heard.

Six Ticks Director Ian sits alone in the dark office, his face illuminated by the bright glow of his computer screen.

He clicks his mouse and stops. His index finger frozen, holding the mouse button down. He spotted something unusual, something he's never seen before. A mystery figure dangling over a street in Sarasota, Florida, USA. Do his eyes deceive him, or is that a mermaid at the end of his cursor?

The obsession begins.

Chapter Two: The Findings

That night was the beginning of a two year adventure. Three blogs and many sightings later, Six Ticks are ready to present the evidence.

At this point we request the full attention of the reader as we disclose the full facts and findings pertaining to casefile 101 - The Mystery of mermaid Pegman:

  • Our search started 817 days or 19,608 hours ago

In this time:

  • We drank 12,000 cups of tea and dunked 4,000 biscuits in said tea
  • We developed 35 websites
  • We accidently killed 3 office plants but gave 4 office plants a new home
  • We spent 6,535 hours at our computers
  • We've received 8 tip off emails from fellow searchers who've also spotted the Google Mermaid
  • We've surfed the net from Florida to Bali and spotted a total of 4 Google mermaids... so far
  • All sightings have been in tropical beach locations. We are unlikely to ever see a Google mermaid grace the stony beaches of Bognor Regis
  • Mermaid Pegman is not alone and she may have many distant relatives. We've found evidence of Lego Pegman, astronaut Pegman, and even Park Ranger Pegman!

Chapter 3: An Ending

The X-Files, Firefly, Allo Allo...we know that all good things come to an end.


Our search for mermaid Pegman has taken us across the globe as we've surfed the surf of many websites on the worldwide web to find this mysterious being. We will keep our eyes open and mermaid Pegman in our hearts and minds. But for now we work!

So long mermaid Pegman. Godspeed and good travels to you, you beautiful mysterious beast you.

P.S - Should I mention that The X Files has just announced it's coming back for another season in 2018...? That's it, I'm writing to Mulder.


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