Krazy Races Entrusts Six Ticks To Create a Krazy Website

Krazy Races Entrusts Six Ticks To Create a Krazy Website

Krazy Races Entrusts Six Ticks To Create a Krazy Website

  • 8th August 2022
  • Six Ticks Limited

Our friend and client Sarah Belcher (of Sarah Belcher Events) is no stranger to managing some crazy events, and Krazy races is no different! The desire of Krazy Races is to deliver an accessible family-friendly fun-filled experience in the form of homemade downhill karting creating unique moments and long-lasting memories. As I write this, Krazy Races is one of the country's largest free-to-attend soapbox derby festivals in the UK and has been the Winner of best new event by the National Outdoor Events Association and we are happy to have been along for this ride to success in the form of creating the Krazy Races official website

After the resounding success of the first Krazy Races event, Sarah wanted a digital space where Shropshire's newest most wackiest competition could promote future events, reach new audiences and allow for access of online resources for prospective attendees and competitors in order to expand the brand and allow the competition to grow to create new opportunities.

As a web design company, experts in website page design, CRM systems and web development we are happy to take on any challenge we are given. Our end goal was to develop an easy-to-use, mobile-optimised and sleek website that would set a benchmark for the growth of the Krazy Races brand. To make this a reality we designed their new website based on their own branding guidelines of a wacky, colourful and engaging design upon which we built up the rest of the website.

As can be seen on the Krazy Races Website [link], the site consists of six major sections: 

Home - A scrollable page with links to other pages on the website.

About Us - A short bio of both the event and the creator with a few testimonials at the bottom to end the page.

Events Near You - A drop-down box that allows visitors to view events that may be taking place near them.

Krazy News - A place for blog posts that allows the business to share news and increase clicks to their site 

Sponsors - A section where you can view who sponsors the events and the option for companies to apply for sponsorship.

Contact Us - Clicking the Contact Us section brings up a page that allows the viewer to enter their details into a contact form, once this is filled in and sent off it will generate an email to be sent to Six Ticks and store these details within a dedicated Content Management System (CMS).

Speaking of CMS, the new site is based on Six Ticks’ own package, in which we offered Crazy Races access to 24/7 technical support, free security and server updates and upgrades, a dedicated account manager and fully-managed web hosting with domain names. Along with running the upkeep of the website, this also provides Krazy Races with a database that allows the business to keep track of and build a waiting list of teams/individuals who have applied to enter and a collection of sponsors, previous sponsors and potential sponsors reducing the risks of messy headaches down the line. 

Since one of the goals for Krazy Races is to be in a constant rate of growth, whether that's through offering their large-scale events to different towns and cities or developing further sponsorship opportunities for outside organisations, the website needed to mirror this. Alongside allowing for scalability and availability for new sections to be added when the business grows, we future-proofed the website further by coding it in an SEO-Friendly way to encourage higher rankings, resulting in increased clicks the longer the website is up. 

Alongside the Krazy Races website, our Junior Developer, Geraint Pickard-Skeats worked alongside Sarah to create Vote Krazy, a website (which is now an integral part of the event) used by attendees of Krazy races events to vote for their favourite racers and view the winners from said previous events.

Sarah Belcher, creator of Krazy Races, had this to say: 

“Six Ticks are professional, friendly, creative, flexible and above all up for a challenge. We gave them a challenge that they managed to turn around in record time and the result was so fun and the perfect fit for us. Can not recommend this company highly enough.”

Make sure to check out the Krazy Races website to keep up to date with future events. If anything we offer has caught your attention make sure to head over to our contact us page to send us a message. Also if you are interested in accessible employee intranets which focus on workplace communication whilst working from home, avoiding digital burnout and reducing digital distraction make sure to take a look at our new service: Hello Halo


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