Marche Tales Expands to the Digital World Through the Power of Six Ticks

Marche Tales Expands to the Digital World Through the Power of Six Ticks

Marche Tales Expands to the Digital World Through the Power of Six Ticks

  • 4th August 2022
  • Six Ticks Limited

Looking for farm based fun and antics in the guise of easy (and fun) to read children's books? Marche Tales and Six Ticks have you covered! As a web design company (who also specialise in intranets, CRM systems and website development) we have had plenty of clients from a variety of sectors from law firms to soap-box-racing so we had no fear when we were approached by Shropshire based Farmer/Author Peter Russell Peake to create a website for his budding farm based children's book series.

Marche Tales is the brainchild of the Peake Family, created in order to have full control over the publishing of their own books, specifically made to allow children to enjoy reading through the appeal of child-friendly writing and striking illustrations. Peter’s books are filled with distinctive characters based around the farm animals, people and vehicles that he has spent his entire life around.

Marche Tales needed a custom website created to expand their presence to the online world. They wanted to make it easier for prospective customers to find them, learn about and buy their books and have the ability to contact Marche Tales if needed.

Of course, we were happy to oblige. As the Marche Tales Brand was still in a period of dynamic growth we needed to allow the site to be easy to build upon when more books were fully ready to be distributed. To begin with we created 5 major sections of the webpage:

Home - We created a scrollable page integrating illustrations from Marche Tales books with hyperlinks to the following pages and a quote from the Author to bookend the page.

About us - This page is integral for allowing prospective customers to find out about the those behind the books they may be buying for their children, with detailed bio’s from the author Peter Russell Peake and two illustrators J Pyke Biog and Kirsteen Harris-Jones.

Our Books - This section does exactly what it says on the tin. Using a drop down box, visitors may select to view different book series such as Farmer James and Robbie the Farm Ranger. Each webpage has a brief bio about the available books in the series and an option to add them to a basket. Not only this, but on each page of the book series website, we created an option that would allow website visitors to download colouring sheets of the characters in the relevant book to print out for free.

Contact us - On this page, website visitors have the ability to fill in a contact form. Once this has been completed and captcha confirmed it will automatically generate an email that is sent to Marche Tales. This will also send these contact details to the Marche Tales CMS to store in their CRM system.

Basket - Once clicking the basket icon, visitors will be sent to a Paypal checkout allowing them to purchase the books they added to their basket in the “Our Books” section.

Alongside this, we also offered Marche Tales 24/7 technical support, a dedicated account manager, Fully-managed web hosting and domain names and access to security and server updates and upgrades.

The website is now fully operational so make sure to head over to Marche Tales for all your farm based children's book needs. If you are interested in taking advantage of our specialist knowledge and expert advice in the ways of remote work tools, CRMs, web page design or just need to give your digital presence a shake up make sure to send us a message, we are always happy to help.

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