More Than Words – Why A Blog Is Important For Your Business

More Than Words – Why A Blog Is Important For Your Business

More Than Words – Why A Blog Is Important For Your Business

  • 20th October 2017
  • Six Ticks Limited

More Than Words... Why Your Business Should Embrace Blogs!

When you've had a busy week, posting a blog on your business website can be the last thing on your mind.

And who cares if you haven't posted in a while blogs are just vanity projects for wannabe Shakespeare's who like sharing their opinions. A blog won't make a difference to my business, right?


Believe us, blogs are more important than you think and can play a huge part in putting your business on the map and helping new customers to find you online.

To Blog Or Not To Blog...

Here are our top 3 reasons why your website should embrace blogs:

  1. Search engines LOVE fresh, relevant content and blogging gives you the chance to update your website on a regular basis which makes Google very happy!
  2. A blog gives your business an identity and the opportunity to connect more closely with customers, so you can turn those casual website browsers into loyal customers.
  3. A blog provides great content for social media and can get more people talking about your business and help to drive additional traffic to your website.

I'm No Shakespeare, What Should I Blog About?

You don't have to be Shakespeare to write a blog. You just need to be yourself.

The great thing about blogs is that they give your business a voice and help you to share your expertise and ethos with the world.

You could blog about:

So what are you waiting for? Get your business blogging!

Still Not Ready To Pick Up That Quill?

Six Ticks offer a professional, search engine optimised blog writing service, so why not get in touch today and we'll create some specialised content for you!

If your website doesn't have a blog then don't panic! Six Ticks offers professional web design and can help with all your website needs.


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