New Mobile App for Shropshire Partners In Care

New Mobile App for Shropshire Partners In Care

New Mobile App for Shropshire Partners In Care

  • 16th April 2018
  • Six Ticks Limited

Groundbreaking New App For Shropshire Care Experts

This week Six Ticks launched an innovative new mobile app to help connect care organisations across Shropshire and streamline the process of finding beds for patients.

The mobile app was developed for Shropshire Partners in Care (SPIC), a not-for-profit organisation which represents independent social care companies across Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin including nursing, residential, and domiciliary care providers.

One of SPIC's aims is to improve quality in the care industry and provide support to over 240 members. You can download the app here:

SPIC Play Store

SPIC iTunes Store App

A Great New Resource

SPIC's key activities include specialist training, events, DBS and recruitment support. As a membership organisation, SPIC relies on communication to share information on its' service and bring its members together.

With our mobile phones hardly ever more than an arm’s reach away, what better way for SPIC's members to stay connected than with a mobile app?

Key features of the mobile app development include:

  • Easy 'tap to call' contact tab
  • News tab
  • Resources tab
  • Social Media Links

A Game Changing Feature for Shropshire

A ground-breaking new feature of the app is the 'Live Bed Checker' tab which will help organisations to share data about available beds and streamline the process of discharging individuals from hospital to social care organisations when needed.

Shropshire Partners In Care members will be able to login into the app and access this unique tab and upload their bed availability.

This feature will solve a key problem currently faced by commissioners, hospitals and care organisers who often spend vital time ringing around each individual provider to discover current availability for each patient.

Steff Henson, Sales Director for Six Ticks comments: "The app will provide a vital new resource for hospitals and social work teams across Shropshire, helping them to quickly find available beds for their patients, saving time, freeing up beds, and helping patients to move on to suitable accommodation quickly."

Nicky Jacques, Chief Officer for Shropshire Partners in Care comments "Initially the app has been designed to make the process of providing bed availability data to hospitals and social workers as easy as possible. You will be able to provide your bed availability, in real time, by simply clicking twice using your phone or tablet. Members of the public and Social Workers in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin can have the app on their phone, which will really simplify the whole process of finding beds.

Not only do we believe that this app has the potential to positively impact on delayed transfers from hospitals, but also to remove the hurdles and challenges of keeping your bed availability information up-to-date."

Is It Time For Your Business To Get Appy?

Did you know that mobile has now officially overtaken desktop in the way people access the internet?

Did you know that the majority of time spent accessing the internet on mobile phones is through apps?

So what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time your business joined Shropshire Partners in Care and got appy?!

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