New Sage CRM Add-On for US-based Pet Odor Solutions Company

New Sage CRM Add-On for US-based Pet Odor Solutions Company

New Sage CRM Add-On for US-based Pet Odor Solutions Company

  • 1st June 2018
  • Six Ticks Limited

Technology, isn't it amazing?!

We're living in a world where robots can make phone calls for you, you can simultaniously meet with people from every corner of the world without leaving your office, and your watch can tell you when it's time to exercise.

Yet so many companies are still battling away with old databases and unsuitable CRM systems which slow them down. In fact, 1 in 5 employees have a weekly tantrum over slow or frustrating IT systems.

But put the mouse down, we are here to make things better by creating brilliant custom Sage CRM add-ons (and full Six Ticks CRM systems) which will help improve workplaces and reduce employee tantrums across the world!

Investing in the development of a new CRM add-on means so much more than a fancy new bit of the system. It can transform the way a company works and do things that'll make your old system look like it was running on a Sinclair Spectrum.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

We've worked on CRM systems for companies of all sizes and we've noticed a familiar theme.

Companies often come to us with the same frustration... The one-size-fits-all system they've been using for years doesn't quite fit their business. This means that every week valuable hours are being wasted on slow processes and simple admin tasks are much less simple than they should be.

Mass produced, one-size fits all Customer Relationship Management systems don't make things easy.

Imagine trying to write an entire novel with your left hand (if you're right handed!), or wearing trainers which are one size too small when running a marathon. Not fun right?

Technology and IT should make things easier, not make you want to throw your desktop out of the window!

So, here's the good news. If you have Sage CRM, with the right add-ons developed by the right people it will become an employee's best friend! And a happy workplace with the right tools, is a productive and profitable one.

This is where Six Ticks come in. We provide bespoke CRM systems and customised Sage CRM systems and add-ons to help your workplace hum.

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A New CRM Add-On

Our most recent Sage CRM add-on was for a large, US-based pet odor solutions company, a company which manufacture odor busting products for pet owners!

They came to us, because they had become fed up with doing a very manual process within their Sage CRM system which was creating tedious time sapping admin, and just wasn’t working for them.

Their sales team were using out-of-the-box Sage CRM linked in to Sage 100 (Finance System - US version of Sage 200) and the team were adding communications to the built-in calendar to plan their calls and meetings.

Sometimes sales agents worked across the same territories and also there had been changes to personnel which meant communication between staff was vital.

When a new member of staff joined or someone's territory changed, they were using the CRM to run a report, then manually changing every communication, which was taking a lot of time and a demotivating admin job for sales staff.

But it didn't have to be this way and they knew it was time to stop messing around and do things differently!

They asked us to develop an add-on that would make the entire process easier. We got to work and created a super add-on that within just a few clicks would allow team members to upload a report that had been taken from Sage 100, select a new state, and select a recipient user.

The add-on would scan the spreadsheet for Ids, then move any matching communications matching those Ids to the new user. If a state was selected, it filters the communications by state as well. The whole process went from about 2 days work down to about 2 minutes. Six Ticks had made a few simple changes to customise the CRM to the needs of the business and brought joy, efficiency and simplicity to the office.

The day the new system was introduced there were zero tantrums and many, many high fives.


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