New Six Ticks website created for Sarah Belcher Events

New Six Ticks website created for Sarah Belcher Events

New Six Ticks website created for Sarah Belcher Events

  • 9th March 2022
  • Six Ticks Limited

Following the launch a few years ago of Krazy races, Sarah was looking for a simple website to promote her event management business.  Sarah runs Sarah Belcher Events, an award-winning events and management consulting company that specialises in producing one of a kind experiences for a variety of audiences alongside offering unique sponsorship opportunities for local businesses and stakeholders. As for the website, that’s where we here at Six Ticks come in.

Enter Gez. Our recently hired junior developer.

Gez has a keen interest in web design and enthusiastically took this project on. From the design, development, mobile optimisation and to the go-live of the website, Gez successfully ran and completed all aspects of the Sarah belcher Events project. Gez had this to say about the project: 

“Sarah came to us asking for a simple, but elegant, website for her Events business. We already had a connection with Sarah through her other business, Krazy Races, which gave a good baseline for the sort of website she was looking for, although not quite as "Krazy" as the Krazy Races site. With this in mind, I was tasked with creating a mockup which would be sent to Sarah before beginning the actual creation of the website. This would also be the first mockup I'd created which made it even more gratifying when Sarah came back saying she loved it!


"From here, I quickly got to work creating the website in our CMS (content management system) and getting it ready for testing. Thankfully I was already up to speed with how the system worked which helped enormously in the creation process.


"Once the initial draft was complete, my colleague Wayne and I both tested it and ironed out any issues or changes we came up with and then proceeded to work on the Mobile optimisation for the site.


"As this was my first ever website project  I found it incredibly useful to see how projects are run from start to finish, as I hadn't experienced that prior to working on this.


"But that was pretty much the whole process. We received some final requests from Sarah which were made and then the site went live. Overall, I found it to be extremely insightful and I also learned a lot about exactly what goes into each project we run, ”.

Sarah Belcher, Sarah Belcher Events creator, said: 

“I love working with Six Ticks - they always listen to what we need and then transform our vision into something beyond our expectations. Our new website is clean, sophisticated, easy to navigate and perfect for needs. Thank you to the team”

What we have to say? 

Here is what Steph, our Sales and Operations Director has to say. “We hired Gez through the Kickstart Scheme, which is a government led programme to support and assist 18 - 24 into work and it’s been an incredibly rewarding process for us. Gez is passionate, dynamic and willing to get his hands dirty and figure stuff out! A key skill in our world. We’re incredibly grateful for Sarah for trusting us to provide Gez this opportunity to lead this project (under our support of course) but I can honestly say he did a great job. If anyone is looking for a website and is happy to let us support and train our young rising stars then please get in touch!”


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