New Six Ticks Website for Shropshire Food and Drink

New Six Ticks Website for Shropshire Food and Drink

New Six Ticks Website for Shropshire Food and Drink

  • 9th November 2021
  • Six Ticks Limited

Six Ticks has worked with companies from all over the world, but we love getting to build new websites for local companies. Shropshire Food and Drink is a company that is local to us, so it was a pleasure to get to build their website. We have created them a brand new website that is easy to navigate and reflects their brand. We work with the company to ensure we build something they love while also making sure we can drive the most amount of traffic to the site.


Supporter of local Shropshire produce 

Shropshire Food and Drink recognises the value of supporting local, homegrown produce and has made it their mission to do so. They want to make sure that local businesses have a place to show off and advertise their produce. Local producers are at the heart of Shropshire and attract visitors from all over the world, therefore it’s important we support them and buy from them whenever we can.

Before the pandemic, local businesses had to compete with the major stores, making it almost impossible for them to reach out to a large audience. This competition has only gotten tougher since the pandemic, so Shropshire Food and Drink provides everything they need to reach their customers.

On the new Shropshire Food and Drink website, you can view all the local producers local to Shropshire. There’s everything from bakeries, to fishmongers, to wine merchants. Not only can you view the businesses, but you can buy a variety of gift hampers filled with quality local produce. They also host events, including the Shrewsbury Food Festival, which bring in even more tourists to the local area.


Beth Heath, the Founder and Managing Director, said:

"Six Ticks understood the brief after the first discussion and drove it forward delivering a quality website that is easy to manage and update. We feel safe in the knowledge that they have checked it is fully compliant and also done their best to ensure it ranks highly on search engines. The support has been outstanding - totally recommended!"

For more information about Shropshire Food and Drink, visit


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