New Website for Innovative Eco-Friendly Material Jesmonite

New Website for Innovative Eco-Friendly Material Jesmonite

New Website for Innovative Eco-Friendly Material Jesmonite

  • 18th February 2020
  • Six Ticks Limited

It’s February, and Six Ticks’ team of loveable web developers have been hard at work creating new sites and launching them into the webisphere!

Our latest web development project was for a new site for a really interesting ground-breaking material called Jesmonite.

What is Jesmonite?

If you haven’t heard about Jesmonite, then get ready to be introduced to an amazing material!

Jesmonite is a versatile material which is used by artists, builders, architects, filmmakers and more! It’s an eco-friendly alternative to materials such as fibreglass and polyester and since it’s invention in the 1980’s has been used in architecture and design around the world.

You may not know it but we’re surrounded by Jesmonite! From private villas, art displays and buildings, to movie props, it’s likely you’ve had a close encounter with Jesmonite and the new website showcases its uses and some of the amazing creations.

The company works across the globe to distribute the material and provide training workshops to help people to maximise its use. With the product flying off the shelf, the folks at Jesmonite knew it was time to invest in a new website to really showcase what Jesmonite can do!

Six Ticks were delighted to get involved and create a beautiful new website packed with features to boost the profile of the company and improve the user experience.

Steff Henson, Sales Director comments:

“We loved creating a new website for Jesmonite – it’s an amazing material which has so many uses and it is great that the new SEO friendly site will help more people to find out about the product and purchase it to create amazing things!”

“Like Jesmonite, Six Ticks is a creative and innovative company and it’s great to support a company which inspires design and development across the world!”

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