New websites for Shropshire Phone Repair and Communications Experts

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New websites for Shropshire Phone Repair and Communications Experts

New websites for Shropshire Phone Repair and Communications Experts

  • 29th November 2018
  • Six Ticks Limited

Ring, ring, ring, ring –

Hello, who’s there?

It’s us, the brilliant new Six Ticks developed websites for Cleartone Communications and The Phone Box, Shrewsbury of course!

Who You Gonna Call?

Don’t you just hate it when you drop your phone?

There’s always that tense moment where you lose control, juggle it around for a bit, desperately trying to make that last save, only to helplessly see it slip away and hurtle towards the ground faster than the speed of light. As you watch it drop, you just know that it will land face down. How does that always happen?!

Then there’s the tense moment when you bend down to retrieve it. Silently praying to the phone gods, asking them to spare your phone this one time. You hold your breath, and carefully turn over the phone, only to find -the screen has been destroyed…


But do not fear, help is at hand!

There’s a great local Shropshire business The Phone Box, Shrewsbury, which is there to help you in your hour of need! They offer professional mobile phone and tablet repairs, phone accessories, and mobile contracts.

And even better news… Six Ticks have just developed a brand new website for both The Phone Box and their partner company Cleartone Communications, so repairing your phone, or finding a great deal on a new contract and phone has never been easier!

The stunning new SEO-friendly sites showcase everything the businesses have to offer, so people who need mobile phone help can find everything they need online with the easy-to-use websites, which are packed with information and features.

So why not view the stunning new websites for Cleartone Communications and The Phone Box, and find help with your mobile phone dilemmas.

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