Refer & Scan's New Website and Why it Makes a Difference

Refer & Scan's New Website and Why it Makes a Difference

Refer & Scan's New Website and Why it Makes a Difference

  • 30th May 2023
  • Six Ticks Limited

Creating a website is a critical step for any business to establish an online presence and reach out to a broader audience. When it comes to any industry, but especially the healthcare industry, a new website can be an excellent platform to educate and inform the public about various health concerns and offer services that can help them maintain their health & well-being. That's where Refer & Scan comes in, a company that offers affordable private diagnostic scans, blood tests, and wearable ECG Holter monitor devices to help people monitor their health and catch any issues early.

To create a website that aligns with their mission and values, Refer & Scan partnered with us here at Six Ticks, a web development company specialising in creating custom websites that meet clients' unique needs.

The website development process started with a thorough analysis of Refer & Scan's target audience and the services they offer. We understood that Refer & Scan's primary goal is to empower people to take control of their health and prevent health issues before they become more serious problems. This objective guided the design and development of the website, ensuring that the content was displayed and arranged in an informative, engaging, and easy-to-understand way.

The Our Services section is the heart of the website, showcasing Refer & Scan's range of services. We designed this section to be easy to navigate, with each service having its own openable dynamic dropdown box. The descriptions of the services are concise and informative, outlining what the services are and why each service is used.

We also created and designed a testimonials section attached to the bottom of the page which features reviews and feedback from past clients of Refer & Scan. The testimonials are placed into a carousel which can be clicked through and are used in highlighting the benefits that clients experienced by using Refer & Scan's services which serves as powerful proof of the quality on each page of Refer & Scan's site, encouraging visitors to contact Refer & Scan with confidence.

The partnership between Refer & Scan and Six Ticks has resulted in a new website that aligns with Refer & Scan's mission of empowering people to take control of their health. The website's design, content, and features were developed, as always, with the customer in mind, ensuring that they can easily access the services offered and get the information they need.

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