Revamping Online Presence: Copywrite's New Website From Six Ticks

Revamping Online Presence: Copywrite's New Website From Six Ticks

Revamping Online Presence: Copywrite's New Website From Six Ticks

  • 3rd July 2023
  • Six Ticks Limited

For over 30 years, Copywrite has been a trusted provider of print, copy, and design services. With a commitment to reliability and friendly customer service, they have become a go-to destination for businesses in Shrewsbury and beyond. However, in order to attract new clients and increase their exposure in the local market, Copywrite recognised the need for a professional and visually appealing website. This is where Six Ticks, a leading digital agency based in Shrewsbury, stepped in to help. In this blog post, we'll explore how Six Ticks created a remarkable web site that met Copywrite's objectives and showcased its expertise.

What Copywrite Needed

Copywrite approached Six Ticks with clear goals in mind for their new website. Their primary aim was to attract new clients and increase exposure among local businesses. To achieve this, they needed a mobile-first website that would accurately present their various print products and services. Additionally, Copywrite wanted to provide visitors with the ability to upload artwork and receive quotations for print jobs seamlessly.

They also wanted to highlight key unique selling points, such as their ability to handle batch running orders, where clients can order a large quantity but collect smaller batches at different times. Moreover, Copywrite sought to ensure that their new site would enable them to review artwork before printing to guarantee accuracy. Ultimately, they wanted a revamped online presence that conveyed their professionalism and captured attention.

What Six Ticks Did

Understanding Copywrite's requirements, Six Ticks set to work, developing a website that perfectly aligned with their client's vision. The first step was the web development of a captivating homepage that introduced visitors to Copywrite's brand and services. The design incorporated visually appealing graphics and clear call-to-actions to engage users. The navigation was intuitive, making it easy for visitors to explore the site.

In addition to the homepage, Six Ticks developed an informative "About Us" page that conveyed Copywrite's rich history, their commitment to quality, and their experienced team. This page allowed visitors to understand the expertise behind the brand and build trust with potential clients.

To showcase Copywrite's portfolio and range of services, Six Ticks created a visually stunning gallery page. The gallery featured high-resolution images of completed print projects, giving visitors a glimpse into the quality of Copywrite's work. This section highlighted the versatility of their services and established them as a reliable choice for any printing needs.

Recognising the importance of addressing common queries, Six Ticks developed a comprehensive FAQ page. This page covered frequently asked questions about pricing, turnaround times, file formats, and more. By providing transparent and concise answers, the FAQ section boosted visitor confidence and ensured a positive user experience.

Lastly, the contact form allows visitors to get in touch with Copywrite effortlessly. This form included fields for name, email, phone number, and a message, enabling seamless communication between Copywrite and their potential customers. The contact form acts as a conversion tool, encouraging visitors to take the next step and initiate a partnership with Copywrite.

Hannah Morgan, Shop Manager & Graphic Designer at Copywrite had this to say: “Our experience with Six Ticks has been great - Steph has been so helpful at every step of creating our new website. Six Ticks gave great advice and guidance on any part of the process that I was unsure about and has even made suggestions for exciting new things that could be implemented into our site in the future. Their friendly and approachable attitude towards the project made everything run very smoothly without stress. Thank you also to Gez for taking the time to call me and teach me how to edit and manage our new website- I appreciate it.”

In collaboration with Six Ticks, Copywrite, a long-standing graphic design and printing company, successfully revamped its online presence with its new website.If you are interested in anything you have read here make sure to check out our own website to find out how we can help your business in the way of CRM’s, Intranet systems, Mobile Apps, Web development and more. Or send us a message here so we can have a chat!


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