Say Hello to Halo Intranet powered by Six Ticks

Say Hello to Halo Intranet powered by Six Ticks

Say Hello to Halo Intranet powered by Six Ticks

  • 9th August 2022
  • Six Ticks Limited

We here at Six Ticks may have previously been known simply as a web design agency specialising in CRM systems, website design and digital strategy. But a new project from the Six Ticks team aims to change that by Introducing Hello Hello Intranet.

Over the past couple of years, our team has been busy creating a new kind of Intranet which has been designed with a focus on creating an easy-to-use but powerful digital workspace that not only allows a work team to stay productive and engaged but also maintain the necessary work-life balance and positive digital wellbeing to reduce the risk of burnout.

As a tech company already with employees spanning the globe we know exactly what would be needed to benefit remote workers so we were able to decide on intranet features that would only benefit the users in a post-pandemic world where the workplace now has an increased emphasis on the digital rather than the physical. Here’s a sneak peek at how the features of this system can help your team:

Intranet Features that Decrease Work-related Stress and Improve Productivity

Halo Intranet, our new workplace collaboration tool, allows for complete freedom when it comes to searching. Have a client who only speaks French but your knowledge of modern foreign languages stopped at GCSE German? No problem, simply use our Staff Directory to find a member of your organisation that has the ability to translate for you! Having issues with sharing key documents with multiple people at once? Hello Halo is on hand with its extensive search feature and its safe storage of your company's important files available 24/7!

Keeping Teams Social in a Professional Setting

One of the main aims of Hello halo was to create an online workspace that allows for a sense of all-encompassing connectedness wherever the team may be based. We have achieved this through our announcement feed feature which acts as a social feed, but for work-related content. Within the announcement feed, posts can be made (or scheduled with our scheduling feature) about anything from Birthdays, recruitment or updates in company policy.

Crucially, though, we wanted to make the social feeds about work instead of just an extension of social media employees use outside of working hours. We felt it would be incredibly important to create a divide between work and home to prevent an “always on” culture from causing employees to take part in the “great resignation”.

Increased Productivity whilst Reducing the Risk of Employee Burnout

Productivity is intrinsic to the smooth running of any business, but an increase in productivity should never lead to a reduction in employee mental health. We think the former can easily be produced without the latter so we partnered with digital wellbeing experts Techtimeout to develop our timer features. Not only can our timers help a whole team see when the different deadlines of tasks are but our Pomodoro timers can help you follow the famous Pomodoro Technique. Productivity is also made easy through our notifications feature which can be set up to allow you to choose which notifications you want or even turn them completely off if you need some peace and quiet.

We asked some of the Six Ticks team who helped with the creation of Hello Halo why the system was created and why it is integral for the modern workplace. Here’s what they had to say:

Wayne Ponce

"We believe technology and well-being can come together and create great and happy workplaces. Utilising your technology stack to ensure a duty of care to employees and create a place people want to be. A happy workforce is a productive and successful workforce - which, in turn, creates a productive and successful business."

Stephanie Henson

"The modern workplace is now very different, with an increasing reliance on technology in organisations and digital transformation projects being as popular as ever, it's important that organisations monitor how they can ensure they implement and use software in a way that is helpful for their employees and in turn their businesses.

We've run remote teams at Six Ticks since the start with co-working hubs and home working being part of our culture. We know the importance of good communication and now we want to share our knowledge with the world, so all of our hints, tips and ways of working, including the partnership with Digital Wellbeing experts techtimeout, with the world."

Want to find out more about what Hello Halo can offer you and your team? Take a look at our website now!


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