Searching for Pegman

Searching for Pegman

Searching for Pegman

  • 24th July 2017
  • Six Ticks Limited

Searching for Pegman

Here at Six Ticks we have two passions. The first is providing affordable IT to our awesome clients. The second is Mermaid Pegman.

Before we continue, if those two words mean nothing to you, you might want to check out our previous Google Mermaid blog posts where the epic adventure of mystery and passion began.

New Beginnings

So, since our last post almost 2 months have passed.

The UK still doesn't understand Brexit. Murray was knocked out of Wimbledon. Konta was knocked out of Wimbledon. Facebook reached over 2 BILLION users.

Here at Six Ticks we've been super busy creating affordable mobile apps and developing websites for our amazing clients around the world and the days have passed in a blur. We have to admit, after our recent hot streak of Pegman Mermaid sightings the trail has gone cold.

The plural of a mouse?

In the height of our obsession we'd spent days scanning Google Maps and googling all things Pegman, but we had to grow up. We have adult things to do like the weekly shop, taking out the recycling, and providing customised CRM systems.

The search for Mermaid Pegman was again over. We'd finally hung up our..our...mouses?


No it's definitely mouses.

We'd finally hung up our mouses.

We'd started to move on with our lives. In the glamorous world of mobile app development there was simply no time for wild goose chases or intrigue. And full-time adventuring can be tiresome.

But still.

There were times when the office would go quiet. The furious tapping of keyboards would stop and everything would become still. We'd look across to Ian, the original Google Pegman Mermaid hunter, and he'd be staring into space with a wistful and pained look on his face. The exact same face we all make when England lose to Germany on penalties.

He'd mutter one word. "Why?"

And then the phone would ring and we'd snap back to reality and get back to work.

"It's over", I told him. "We have to move on. This time there really are no more Mermaid Pegmen!"

"But what if there are?" He'd say shaking his head. A pause, and then we'd get back to work.

It ain't over til it's over

Some things are bigger than one person. In fact some things are bigger than a small group of good-looking app developers based in Shrewsbury and Reading.

Over the past year we'd received dozens of emails from fellow mermaid hunters who weren't giving up the search. But since early June when we had the one of the UK's hottest day on record, the emails had dried up.

So years from now, when we look back and tell our grandchildren about our search for Mermaid Pegman, the 12th July 2017 will be a key date.

It was the day a mystery fella named Jason threw us a life ring and pulled us back into the hunt.

He'd too been looking for Mermaid Pegman and he'd only gone and found her again! Another new sighting! The fourth sighting to date... this time in the Galapogas Islands!

Google Mermaid Pegman Map

It was then we knew. The movement is happening with or without us. We couldn't turn our back on this!

We've started to daydream about hosting 'Mermi-con 2018' an international Mermaid Pegman conference for conspiracy theorists and Mermaid Pegman lovers. I've made a note to start shortlisting celebrity speakers. Daryl Hannah from Splash? Tick.

Join the search!

Are you a Mermaid Pegman hunter? Have you seen the mystical creature in the surf as you surf the world wide web?

Send us your sightings!

Or sign-up for Mermaid Pegman updates to get news on the latest Mermaid Pegman sightings and be part of the coolest search party in the world!

Remember the truth is out there.

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