Six Ticks Acquire Irish iSchool App Company

Six Ticks Acquire Irish iSchool App Company

Six Ticks Acquire Irish iSchool App Company

  • 4th December 2017
  • Six Ticks Limited

Six Ticks Acquire Irish iSchool-App Company

Six Ticks are going back to school as we are pleased to announce that we will now be delivering expert app development to schools across Ireland.

We are delighted to have recently taken over iSchool Apps, a specialist app agency who provide apps to over 15 schools in Ireland. We are looking forward to continuing their great work by transforming schools locally and across the UK by introducing mobile apps.

Apps for Schools

Kids aren't the only ones addicted to technology! Four out of five adults own a smartphone, so more and more schools are embracing technology and engaging with parents' smartphone obsession!

Apps are incredible resources for schools, helping parents, students and teachers to stay closely connected and keep on top of everything that's happening at school, via the school mobile app.

There are a number of key app features which help to improve admin, share information, and save time, including:

  • Need forms signed? Send a push notification reminder.
  • Promote key dates and never miss an event with an in-app interactive events calendar.
  • Don't rely on kids bringing home forms - Complete in-app forms for absences, registration, school trips, etc.
  • Easy, instant online payments for school fees, trips, lunch, etc.
  • GPS maps to help you find the location of events, meetings, etc
  • Send mass push notifications to all parents and save time and money on SMS messages.

App Development

We can even extend the apps further, with secure login areas containing teacher-parent chat, absence reporting, and even report cards.

Websites and mobile apps can work seamlessly together to create a unique digital experience for students, parents, and teachers.

The possibilities are endless!

Stephanie Henson, Six Ticks Sales Director further comments on Six Tick's new offering:

"We're really excited about expanding our services by offering niche apps for schools. Apps are a brilliant resource for schools as they help parents and schools to instantly connect and share important information and reminders."

"An app gives you all the information you need at your fingertips and the chance for you to get all your admin done in a few clicks! With an app, long gone are the days of finding a crumpled form at the bottom of your child's school bag three months after they've been given it!"

Free App Demos for Schools, Universities and Colleges!

Six Ticks is currently offering free mobile app demos for schools and colleges across the globe!

If you'd like a personalised, no-strings-attached demo then get in touch today and we'd love to show you how an app can change your world!


We are friendly, approachable and jargon-free. We'd love to hear about your project and see how we can help. Give us a call, or drop us a quick note below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.