Six Ticks Build a Custom Web App for Blood Bikes Charity

Six Ticks Build a Custom Web App for Blood Bikes Charity

Six Ticks Build a Custom Web App for Blood Bikes Charity

  • 12th August 2022
  • Six Ticks Limited

Who they are

Blood Bikes is a charitable organisation that utilises charity-owned motorcycles and volunteered staff to organise and transport blood products, surgical equipment, patient notes and electronic scan information to NHS hospitals, all for free. This is now an integral part of the everyday management of hospitals in Blood Bikes areas as they no longer need to find alternatives and expensive ways to collect and deliver blood. This charity's main aims are to improve the quality of life for the people of the Shropshire areas and to promote safer riding standards alongside a more positive image of the widespread motorcycling community.

What they wanted/needed

Before Blood Bikes came to us here at Six Ticks to create a Progressive Web App (PWA) and CRM System, they were having difficulties surrounding the very “analog” and possibly outdated way in which jobs were being undertaken and recorded. Drivers would catalogue and document jobs, getting names/signatures as a receipt of collection on a printed pad and email an image of the said page to the charity for storage. As well as this, the drivers heavily rely on SMS text messages to keep in contact with each other, especially on hand-over jobs where multiple riders are involved. The charity itself would use a sheet of information to store contact, hospital and bike details resulting in a confusing chunk of information.

This reliance on a non-centralised and multi-platformed data collection can lead to issues with data corruption, security breaches, difficulty in documenting jobs, confusion resulting from an overly complex data sheet and disruption in journey time arising from unclear instructions.

These factors alongside a consequential growth of around 300 members meant Blood Bikes needed something that:

  • Collected all data from jobs in a singular secure place
  • Is extremely easy to use so someone with any tech experience could use it anywhere (such as on the side of busy roads or other noisy areas)
  • Is accessible on all devices from mobile phones to laptops.

What we did

We decided that the perfect way to fix the problems faced by Blood Bikes would be through a custom-integrated Progressive Web App to connect all volunteers whatever their positions in the charity, whether they be a rider on the road or working through admin remotely.

The app has a CRM back-end so data can be held and organised by controllers in the customer relationship management system, giving them instant control over the jobs and packages they deliver.

When a rider accepts a job, they will be able to specify which bike they are going to use whether it be a charity bike or a non-Blood Bikes bike, automatically registering data to be added to the information on the bike such as travel distance and location changes. Once a driver chooses a bike on their shift, the web app will set this bike as default so as to reduce wasted time when riders take multiple jobs. We made sure that riders would be able to capture, record and save data as far as possible at the source meaning that there would be a direct line of data being taken and stored rather than having to go through multiple channels then to a central controller to be recorded.

We made sure the data on the app was both easily accessible (to the right people) and incredibly secure, preventing unauthorised access through data coming from a logged-in individual. The data can also be used to provide historical data to allow for easily viewable trends and operational statistics. Members of the charity will have their own individual logins which not only increases security but allows for personalised information to be attached to each account so the members will only see information that is related to them.

The PWA itself is rooted in the key requirements and is very user-friendly as there is a range of skills and devices being used by the 300+ members. Alongside all this, we made sure the app conformed to GDPR requirements, included a reliable backup routine and allowed for integration for previously/currently used software such as ThreeRings.

It was also important to recognise that the users of the app were volunteers for a very important charity. For this reason, we designed the app to be as colourful and as morale-boosting as possible to promote that what the riders are doing is worthwhile and honourable. We also included a thank you message to be added at the end of jobs and shifts so even if they have not physically heard a thank you, they will know they are appreciated.

The Impact

With a centralised CRM system setting up the availability of jobs, it allowed riders to more easily plan journeys, creating more opportunities to reduce time by picking up two packages at once from one hospital or planning a route which will result in multiple packages being delivered in a faster time than if the jobs had been taken one-by-one. It also meant drivers could work simultaneously with their relay deliveries easier, choosing pick-up and drop-off points that made the most sense for multiple deliveries. This was incredibly important as many of the jobs completed involve a hand-over to allow specific drivers to not stay out of their designated area for too long in case of an emergency.

Whilst out on the road and using the app, riders are provided with all the information they need to be able to perform their delivery to the quickest and highest standard. The user-friendly nature of the interface such as large buttons which can easily be tapped whilst wearing compatible cold weather gloves also speeds up delivery time, taking away the need to remove clothing and concentrate just to tap a screen. Jobs are also recorded in real-time through their job status. This ranges from “Pending” to “Rider Dispatched” to “Job delivered” and all factors in between, allowing for everyone to know what status a job is which creates ease of mind and increased delivery options.

Having a singular place for the collection of data also results in an increase in ease of use for the non-riders in the charitable organisation. With a constant stream of data being fed directly to one place rather than the previous notepads, emails and large, convoluted digital sheets comes the satisfaction of data which is easy to locate, read and analyse. This can be used to tweak the ways in which things are done to maximise speed and efficiency. The real-time data collection from the app is also translated into statistics and graphs which can easily be used for team activities and sales opportunities.

We are incredibly thrilled and honoured to have been part of this project as we know Blood Bikes delivers an incredibly difficult but critical service for the people of Shropshire and hope that our app only increases the success of this charitable venture. If anything in this case study has interested you or you would like to know a bit more about what Six Ticks can offer you and your business in the way of PWA creation, CRM Systems, Web Development, Web Design and Intranet Systems make sure to check out the rest of the website or send us a message on the contact page.


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