Six Ticks builds a much-needed CRM system to digitise The Hive

Six Ticks builds a much-needed CRM system to digitise The Hive

Six Ticks builds a much-needed CRM system to digitise The Hive

  • 16th May 2022
  • Six Ticks Limited

What The Hive needed and why? 

The Hive is Shropshire’s go to organiser for community-based programmes and events rooted in the lively local creative scene, aiming to offer the young people of the area a place to build their artistic abilities. The Hive came to us at Six Ticks as many of their day-to-day processes (such as setting up events, arranging venue hire and managing customers) were executed using an old system, which was very resource heavy and incredibly time consuming. They needed our help to bring these processes up-to-date and a new website to showcase the events on and allow for online bookings.

What we implemented for the Hive

We knew the Six Ticks CRM system had the flexibility and high level of customisations that would help to meet the requirements that were needed for the digitisation of The Hive, all that was needed now was the implementation. Here are some examples of the key areas we focused on and what we implemented to give The Hive the best possible experience going into the future:

Box Office and Events - This section of the CRM system helps to group together information surrounding tickets, events, offers, waiting lists, venue hire requests (including capturing required data for venue hire) and allows both The Hive and their customers to have up to date visibility on bookings. This allows for events managed by The Hive to be run as smoothly as possible with a lot less work compared to what it would be without the aid of a customised CRM.

Requests & Activities - We wanted to allow The Hive to be able to create set projects from client requests, which would provide a space in which artists could create, propose and explain the desired outcomes of said project to The Hive. If this project is then approved, this section of the CRM can be used to workshop funding ideas, store related documentation and select relevant people for roles such as Lead Artist, Shadow Artist, etc..

Payment - We created a brand new online payment portal which not only provided customers with an easier way to pay for tickets and events but also automated the booking process improving internal systems.

Customers - A large section of this new project is focused on customer satisfaction and for this reason a lot of thought was put into how the customer can interact with The Hive in this digital form. We have specifically set up features to aid with ease of use for the customers such as automatic data saving (to reduce the need to re-enter data the next time they fill out a form), list of events, events history, ticket booking & download, personal event set up and venue hire, as well as interest-management for better reporting and analysis.

Training - As with all our CRM projects, we offered full training for anything from basic user training to full system administration.

As CRM specialists we take pride in knowing that we can help companies like The Hive implement an online space that not only streamlines the company as a whole for both employees and customers but can also future-proof a business allowing them to continue their good work in a quicker, modern and more efficient manner. We specialise in constructing solutions for a variety of demanding problems, we are never afraid to back down from a challenge.

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