Six Ticks Creates Knockout Website for Reading Boxing Club

Six Ticks Creates Knockout Website for Reading Boxing Club

Six Ticks Creates Knockout Website for Reading Boxing Club

  • 15th October 2019
  • Six Ticks Limited

Here at Six Ticks, we love it when our websites and systems help customers to see real-world results. And that’s exactly what has happened since we pressed the ‘go live’ button on Reading Boxing Club's new Six Ticks site.

In just two weeks since the launch of the newly developed website, the club has already received a boost, with a huge increase in the number of direct enquiries received – a dramatic increase on their old site in fact!

John Claricoates, Senior Boxing Coach and Vice Chairman of the club, comments:

“Our new website has only been live for a couple of weeks, but we have been amazed by how many enquiries we have received.

“Our old website received only one or two enquiries per month, but in just two weeks the new site has received 31 enquiries! It’s been a great boost for the club and we can’t recommend Six Ticks enough!”

Why the Difference?

Six Ticks websites consistently perform well, with clients reporting a huge increase in traffic and enquiries after their launch.

It’s not a coincidence either.

Our high flying websites are a result of our custom development. We use only our own coding to ensure the site is SEO optimised and is best buds with Google and their strict SEO criteria.

We’re passionate about creating websites that generate leads and boost business for our clients. So passionate in fact, that we’ve even written a blog about it to explain how we do it and why our websites are different. If you’d like to find out the secret to Six Ticks sites, visit our blog!

How’s Your Website Performing?

Time and time again we come across websites that look great but perform terribly.

If you’re running a business but you’re not into tech, it can be difficult to know what’s going on behind the scenes and if your website is ticking all the boxes for Google. Things like loading speed and security are really important, but often get ignored which can mean fewer people can find your site in search engines.

But don’t worry - we’re here to help!

We’re offering businesses a helping hand to see how your website is performing with our free digital reviews. So if you want to know if your website is mates with Google, then get in touch to claim your no-strings-attached free website review today.


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