Six Ticks Develops New Website for Shropshire Based Car Leasing Business

Six Ticks Develops New Website for Shropshire Based Car Leasing Business

Six Ticks Develops New Website for Shropshire Based Car Leasing Business

  • 22nd November 2017
  • Six Ticks Limited

Six Ticks in the Driving Seat for New Car Leasing Website

Beep Beep!

This month we've been putting pedal to the metal creating a brand new website for Shropshire based car leasing company E-Drive West Midlands.

It's a great looking site (if we do say so ourselves), with lots of behind the scenes features to make a great online journey for E-Drive and its customers.

All Six Ticks websites come with intuitive customised Content Management Systems (CMS) which are developed specifically for each customer's requirements. For E-Drive the CMS provides easy access to updating content and images on the site, adding deals/offers, tracking quotes, and much more, making it a breeze for E Drive to take the wheel and update the site day or night.

More Than Just A Slick New Design

But a beautiful new website isn't all that's on offer here.

If you lift the bonnet there's a big engine driving the website and you'll find it's packed with special features which will help E-Drive provide a great experience for customers.

The new site features a changeable special offers section, a dedicated gallery for each vehicle and easy to navigate FAQs. The website also features a 'What's the best option' wizard to help customers find their perfect finance solution, along with their dream car. The website also has an integrated CRM system to enable E Drive to track enquiries and provide brilliant customer care.

You can see the website (and gaze longingly at your dream car) here: New E-Drive West Midlands Website

E-Drive West Midlands Website

Is Your Business' Website Stuck In Second Gear?

If your website is struggling to keep up with competitors and like E Drive you'd like to have a great looking professional website for your business, then we can help! Six Ticks specialise in web design and CRM systems and we'd love to tell you how a new website can boost your business.

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