Six Ticks Learn About the Wonderful World of HGV Driving for our Latest Website

Six Ticks Learn About the Wonderful World of HGV Driving for our Latest Website

Six Ticks Learn About the Wonderful World of HGV Driving for our Latest Website

  • 15th March 2019
  • Six Ticks Limited

We didn’t know this, but HGV drivers run the world!

There isn’t much that we eat, drink, sit on, or wear, that hasn’t been on a fun adventure in an HGV before it arrives!

No wonder it has been a busy year for Dulson Training Ltd! After opening another brand new training and test site in Telford, the HGV and driver training experts decided it was time to invest in a brand new website.

Web designers Six Ticks were excited to be getting into the driving seat for this one, and it was a great journey!

After we’d gotten all of the driving puns out of our system (that took a while), it was time to sit down and get to know more about their business and learn about their world. We know it’s super important to understand the environment our clients are working in and to find what we call ‘pain points’ to see how we can custom develop a website which does exactly what their staff and customers need it to do.

Whilst getting to know Dulson Training, we learned some interesting stuff about HGV’s and driver training. For example, did you know that…:

  • There is currently a driver shortage of 45,000 drivers in the UK?
  • HGV’s operating in the UK carry around 1.89 billion tonnes in goods per year?
  • Around three-quarters of all goods moved in the UK are by road, with the remainder by water (15%) and rail (9%)?

So, HGV’s are kind of a big deal and Dulson Training’s role of helping new drivers to train and qualify is super important. Six Ticks knew that we needed to do an incredible job with the website to play our (small) part in helping Dulson Training to find and train the UK’s future driving force!

Dulson Training offer a wide range of funding options and dozens of different types of training courses – each with different requirements, so at first glance, the world of driver training can seem a little complicated. That’s why we created a brilliant SEO-optimised website which is super easy for people to navigate, sharing often complex information in an easy to find, simple format, and making it easy for people to contact Dulson to ask questions. You can view the new site here.

Director of Dulson Training, Steve Dulson, comments: 

"Six Ticks were recommended by one of my business suppliers which came just at the right time as we were struggling with our providers. Everything was completed on time and as we’d expect and we are very impressed with the design and the improvements to our website. We are already getting more enquiries for some of our training courses which is great."

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