Six Ticks’ Online Checklist For Starting a New Business

Six Ticks’ Online Checklist For Starting a New Business

Six Ticks’ Online Checklist For Starting a New Business

  • 8th October 2019
  • Six Ticks Limited

Web developers Six Ticks have recently launched a brand new site for a growing business, childhood education experts, Equipping Kids.

As part of our support for new or growing businesses, we also offer advice and support on all things digital, so we were delighted to help the organisation at the start of their exciting journey.

So, this week, we thought we’d share our online checklist for new businesses who are just starting out and want to raise their digital and online profile.

1. A Great Website

It’s 2019! Your new business will need a website to help attract customers; however it’s important that you know that not all web developers are created equal!

Your website absolutely needs to be SEO friendly so that it has a chance of ranking highly in search engines. You also need to ensure that it’s professional, mobile friendly, and easy for customers to use. You also should embrace tracking and analytics so you can understand your online customer base and how the website is working for you.

The good news is you’re in the right place! Six Ticks deliver Google friendly websites which tick all of these boxes.

2. Social Media

Over 3 billion people use social media across the world, so of course it is a big part of building a brand, marketing, and interacting with your customers.

So, before you launch, make sure you have your business all set up on social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are good places to start.

It’s very important that you optimise your profiles so that all images are the correct size and look professional. Think about your key messaging and make sure your profiles are clear and all of the information fields are completed. These sites are a reflection of your business and it’s important they look great.

Make sure you choose a tag which is super easy for people to remember/type in so that people can easily follow you.

And don’t forget to ask all of your family and friends to like and share your new business so that you can gain followers and raise your profile.

3. Reviews

People expect great products and fantastic service, so the first thing people look for nowadays are online reviews through Google, Trip Advisor, or relevant industry accreditors.

It can be tricky when your business is brand new and you’ve hardly got any clients, but there are ways you can build your reviews early on.

An effective thing to do is offer your service for a reduced rate to one or two clients in exchange for online feedback. Of course you’ll need to ensure you delivered a fantastic service so you get a great review.

Another thing to do is make sure you ask for reviews whenever possible. Happy customers will be keen to share their positive experiences if you ask for their help. You can read our blog on how to create a Google Review sharing link to find out more.

4. Invest In The Right Software For Your Business

There are so many different systems available to help you manage processes and finances, and we strongly recommend that you do your homework to find systems that work for you. It’s a bad idea to just go for the first one, or the cheapest one you find, as in the long-term it could end up slowing down your business, costing you money, and causing you all sorts of stress.

Six Ticks develop custom CRM systems which can help you to run efficiently, improve sales, and cut down admin. If you need any advice, we’d be happy to help.

5. Set Up a Google Business Account

Google receives over 40,000 searches per second, so it's important your business is best buds with Google.

Setting up a Google Business account is easy to do and makes it super easy for people to find information about your business. 

Not sure how to set up your Google account? Read our step-by-step guide!

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