Six Ticks search for sunken treasure with Find the Captain and UoW

Six Ticks search for sunken treasure with Find the Captain and UoW

Six Ticks search for sunken treasure with Find the Captain and UoW

  • 12th December 2022
  • Six Ticks Limited

Usually, with Six Ticks blog posts we would be talking about website design, app development, digital services and other tech-related news but for a second please indulge us while we give you a little history lesson. We take you back to 1870 on the night of the 6th of September with the pride of the British Navy during the Victorian era, a prized battleship named “HMS Captain”. The Captain was out on manoeuvres with a fleet of other vessels in the Royal Navy off of the coast of Cape Finisterre in Spain when disaster struck. A powerful gale struck the ship and toppled it before the crew could cut the sails, sinking it to be lost forever at sea… or so it would seem.

Back to the modern day, a team at The University of Wolverhampton captained by Dr. Howard Fuller has set out to lead the way on the difficult but very worthwhile global & multi-institutional campaign of locating the sunken wreck of the Captain. The lead of this effort, Dr. Howard Fuller, has established possible wreck sites outside of Spanish territorial waters but an issue has occurred with the fact that these sites are 1000+ metres below the surface of the water meaning it is not possible for divers with standard marine survey equipment to safely reach. The team is currently moving forward with the large task of attaining funding for a specialist vessel, equipment and crew to reach these depths and finding out once and for all where The Captain now rests.

So why is this being mentioned here on a blog page for a tech company I hear you ask? Well, Six Ticks are involved with this project by doing what we do best, website design and creation! We here at Six Ticks have been thrilled to work with Dr Fuller on creating a website specifically designed to help drive donations towards the expeditions and are proud to be able to support the team on their mission of finding a lost historical relic.

Wayne Ponce, Head of Design & Quality at Six Ticks and the designer of the “Find the Captain” Website had this to say:

“It was a really interesting project to work on with Howard and the team at the University of Wolverhampton. The design in keeping with the era of the ship was fun to create, and I have learnt so much about the Captain. I'm looking forward to future updates about their progress finding it!”

To find out more about the history of this famous Victorian wreck, the plan of action in finding the HMS Captain, how to donate or simply want to check out Wayne’s handiwork,  make sure to head over to their shiny new website!

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