Six Ticks' Top 6 Moments of 2017

Six Ticks' Top 6 Moments of 2017

Six Ticks' Top 6 Moments of 2017

  • 29th December 2017
  • Six Ticks Limited

2017 What a Year!

Ah, what a year it's been in the world of tech.

What's App went down, Facebook went down, but the world survived, and us web developers at Six Ticks didn't stop for a minute!

So as the year draws to a close, we thought we'd sign off from a year of developing great websites, mobile apps and CRM systems, by sharing our top 6 Six Ticks moments of 2017!

Here we go:

  1. Brilliant Web Design for Shropshire and Beyond!

    Our year in stats

    Six Ticks offer web design services for clients across the globe, but our main office is based in Shrewsbury. We've had a great year working with local businesses and providing Shropshire with amazing apps, progressive web apps (PWAs), websites, and CRM systems!

    From glass makers, to drone flying surveyors, we've loved whizzing around Shropshire to meet with local businesses and bring them the best digital support around.

    This year we've delivered:

    • 24 Websites!
    • 30 Apps!
    • 50 free website reviews!
    • More SEO reviews than we can count!


    • Helped 3 companies to rebrand!
    • Added 200 happy users on to our systems!

    You can view our brilliant client portfolio here.

  2. Ed the Office Cactus's First Day

    Ed the office cactus

    With so many happy customers this year, Six Ticks has grown fast, so we needed to add some new faces to our dream team!

    Not only did European Sales Manager Shelley, and Front-End Developer Wayne join the team, but this year Ed the office cactus had his first day!

    Being an expert CRM developer at Six Ticks isn't easy, especially when your previous work experience consists of sitting in a pot in a garden centre. But Ed was a keen learner, took it all in his stride, and is now an integral part of the Six Ticks team.

    We only have one criticism of Ed. He needs chip in more with his share of tea-making. But he gets a bit spikey when we pester him about it.

  3. Brilliant Charity Projects

    Charity web design

    One of Six Ticks' favourite things is working with charities and not-for-profit organisations, providing professional digital services at an affordable price.

    This year we've had the pleasure of working with a number of brilliant community organisations across the country, including; Family Gateway, Omushana, HomeStart Shropshire, YMCA Reading, and Shropshire Partners in Care.

    In 2018 we will be expanding our web design and digital services for charities and not-for-profits, and we are looking forward to providing quality, yet affordable charity web development for more fantastic organisations.

  4. Six Ticks Got Snowed In

    Snowed in

    December was a busy time for Six Ticks, and one day we were working so hard that we didn't even notice we'd been snowed in!

    One ordinary Monday morning, we looked up from our workstations and we realised we were stuck in our Shrewsbury HQ!

    But there was snow-stopping the best website and mobile app development company in Shrewsbury!

    As Sales Director Steff put it: "When the snowing gets tough, the digital world keeps going"

    The wonders of technology meant we weren't skating on thin ice!

    Whilst the rest of the UK came to a standstill we just got our heads down and got on with our work, and as usual kept our clients appy!

  5. Apps for Schools

    Apps for Schools

    Some big news from Six Ticks HQ in Autumn 2017, as we acquired app development company iSchoolApps.

    We are now provide outstanding support to 15 appy schools in Ireland, and in 2018 we'll also be developing mobile apps for schools across the world!

    So if your school, college, or university would like to have a very Appy New Year, then be sure to send us a message to get your free app demo!

  6. We Sailed the Seven Seas Looking for Mermaid Pegman!

    Apps for Schools

    This year Six Ticks undertook the adventure of a lifetime, as we surfed the web to spot the mysterious lesser-known Google Mermaid Pegman.

    The obsession began late one night when working on a client project, and spotted a mysterious figure splashing around on a Google Maps in a Florida neighbourhood. Google Map's Pegman in mermaid form!

    This sighting kicked off the adventure of a lifetime, as we made it our mission to find out more about this mysterious life form.

    With the help of our team of intrepid Google Mermaid hunters, we spotted a total of 4 Mermaid Pegman's in exotic locations across the world!

Six Ticks New Year's Resolutions!

So with 2018 upon us, we took a moment task the Six Ticks team about their New Year's Resolutions and ambitions for the year ahead.

Here's what they said:

  • Steff wants to run the Shrewsbury Half Marathon, the Great North Run, and deliver incredible customer service to more of Shropshire's amazing businesses!!!
  • Shelley wants to see Chelsea thrash Barca at the Camp Nou, oh and also to develop a Six Ticks website for an astronaut!
  • Ian would like to see Six Ticks have greater capacity to do more charitable work and to ensure our CRM is class leading for GDPR and world-class in functionality.
  • Chris wants to visit another awesome country and experience its culture and wonders... and finish the all singing, all dancing new Six Ticks CMS system!
  • Wayne wants to start doing fun runs again, travel and explore more, and create more awesome graphics and websites this year!
  • Ed the office Cactus is hoping he can get his mate Bobby the Lucky Bamboo tree some work experience at Six Ticks!

Happy New Year!

We'd like to sign off by wishing all of our amazing clients a Happy New Year.

We can't wait to work with you again in 2018!

If you want to hit the online-world running in 2018, get in touch for a no-obligation chat today!


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