Six Ticks’ Top Five Tips for a Safe and Secure Website

Six Ticks’ Top Five Tips for a Safe and Secure Website

Six Ticks’ Top Five Tips for a Safe and Secure Website

  • 26th November 2019
  • Six Ticks Limited

This month, Shropshire based web developers Six Ticks launched a brand new website for security experts Yellow Hat Security.

As a company that creates real world security solutions for businesses across the UK, we knew that Yellow Hat Security Solutions would also put security at the forefront of their new website development.

Luckily at Six Ticks, when it comes to web development, we’re always thinking about security too! We were excited to create a modern, secure website which ticks all the boxes.

Whilst we’re talking about security, we thought it’d be a great opportunity to share our top five tips for a safe and secure website.

1.       Get an SSL Certificate

Do your website URLs start with https:// before the domain? They should!

The https protocol allows secure connections from the hosting server to the web browser, and the SSL Certificate is a simple yet vital tool that enables an encrypted connection. Put simply, data sent using https is much more secure than data sent using http. It prevents 3rd parties from being able to read, for example, customers’ personal contact details when they fill out a contact form.

It’s one of the first things Google checks for when crawling websites for SEO, plus SSL helps to protect client data. Properly setting up an SSL certificate and secure connection should only cost around £60 per year, so it’s an affordable essential for your site.

Not sure if you have an SSL Certificate? Look for the little padlock (or https://) in the top left corner of your browsers address bar. If the padlock is red, has a yellow warning on it, or a red strike through it on any of your pages, something is wrong and you need to sort it out ASAP.

2.       Avoid Open Source Plugins

Did you know that there are hundreds of different open source plugins that are commonly added to websites?

Open source means that an unlimited number of people may have access to the plugin source code during and after development. This mean websites which carry these plugins could be open to security breaches and hacks.

Open source plugins are responsible for over two-thirds of all successful hacks on the Internet and, if you’re website is on Wordpress, you are using open source code.

You wouldn’t share your passwords with thousands of people would you? So, why risk your website and data with open source plugins?

Six Ticks custom build all of the functionality on our websites, meaning we know exactly who has accessed the system - our team and only our team.

Can your developer say that about your website?

3.       Make Sure Your Hosting is Secure

When clients come to us for website development, they usually know the name of who is hosting their current website, but have no idea where this hosting is and what security measures their hosting provider has in place.

This always amazes us!

Your website data isn’t just floating around in space, it’s stored on servers in a real-life location somewhere in the world. That’s why secure hosting is extremely important. You need to know people can’t access your data and that the machines are appropriately maintained and updated.

Six Ticks uses UK-based hosting with 24/7 patrolled security, automatic security patching, and state-of-the art monitoring systems that have been personally vetted by our expert team. You can’t get safer than that!

4.       Backup Your Data

Does your company rely on digital systems and data?

Do you store your customer data, orders, finance systems, and planning on your website, digital systems or CRM systems? If so, then it’s time to check out your backup processes.

As much as we love technology, it can go wrong, and if you don’t have the correct backup procedures in place you could lose all of your client or company data overnight.

Data loss can be devastating to companies of all sizes, so you need to make sure that you have strict backup processes in place – read our blog on backing up data to find out more.

5.       Have a Password Policy

Don’t you just hate remembering passwords? It’d be so easy if we could keep passwords simple and use the same one for everything right?

But there is a reason we are always being preached at when it comes to passwords - a security breach of your website or CRM system could cost your business thousands of pounds. So be vigilant and make sure you choose strong passwords, have a password policy in place, and make sure that staff know your policy.

60% of small companies that suffer a data breach go bankrupt within 6 months, so security must be taken very seriously.

Top tip! With Six Ticks websites you can restrict access to certain areas of your CMS system, so you can limit the number of people who can access certain data, reducing the risk of a data breach.

We Build Safe and Secure Websites

Six Ticks prides itself on developing enterprise standard websites for companies of all sizes. Our websites are vigorously tested and developed with security in mind and we don’t use third party developers to take shortcuts.

If you’d like to find out more or get a quote for a new website, contact our friendly team today.


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