Six Ticks’ Unique Partnership With techtimeout

Six Ticks’ Unique Partnership With techtimeout

Six Ticks’ Unique Partnership With techtimeout

  • 3rd November 2022
  • Six Ticks Limited

Six Ticks is a digital software agency that provides industry-leading websites and IT solutions for businesses of all sizes.

techtimeout is a digital well-being company that provides training and initiatives to help employees be aware of their own digital well-being, and the impact they have on others. They also advocate for regular techtimeouts to support mental well-being and increasing productivity.

A tech company and a digital well-being company seem like an unlikely match, but they have enjoyed a unique partnership since 2019. 

So exactly how did two companies from different sides of the tracks team up?

Let’s Start At The Beginning

It all began back in 2012…

When Founder and Managing Director Ian launched Six Ticks to develop innovative IT and software solutions that would change the way businesses work. Sales and Operations Director Steff came on board in 2014.

Whilst Ian would develop and manage the techie side of things, Steff would be responsible for sales, marketing, recruitment, and administration. No small feat for a newly launched business that had big ambitions, and was signing up clients pretty darn quickly!

Hard work was what was needed, and Ian and Steff stepped up, working their butts off to build a client base, alongside a stellar reputation.

Where’s The ‘Off’ Switch?

But funnily enough, launching and running a technology company, involves being constantly online. And whilst Ian was a self-confessed tech addict, happy to spend a day holed up in a dark room drinking coffee and developing code, Steff was more used to getting out there alongside real people, places and things.

She found herself working at all hours of the day, replying to emails at 2 am, and being pinged 24/7 with notifications from clients who were across international time zones. For the first time in her life, she was starting to feel the tech burn. It hit her pretty badly and her mental and physical well-being suffered.

She asked around and found that several colleagues and friends were experiencing the same feelings of tech overload - to various degrees. The cogs started turning… Then the pandemic hit, and everyone’s screen time went up another level.

But nobody seemed to have an answer to it. Society was boldly marching on, increasing its reliance on technology, admitting that it could seriously impact health, yet providing no practical support.

Enough was enough!

Steff decided to do something about it and she founded techtimeout. Its mission is to help people to develop healthier tech habits by providing information and practical tools to improve digital well-being. techtimeout isn't here to vilify or fight tech, it’s here to help people to take a break when they need it.

A Unique Partnership

Rather than being weary of a company that actively encourages people to turn off their tech, Six Ticks was 100% behind techtimeout’s message and is proud to be a ‘techtimeout aware’ accredited company.

Firstly, Six Ticks has built techtimeout’s message into its core values and is now a strong advocate of encouraging employees to take a break from their screens, with the team taking part in techtimeout initiatives including #techtimeout10 and #techtimeouttuesday.

techtimeout also uniquely complements Six Ticks’ product development. The new Hello Halo intranet was designed to centralise hybrid and remote workforces to improve efficiency and productivity will digital well-being tools built within it! Key features also actively promote employee wellbeing and taking a techtimeout.

It’s just the beginning of Six Ticks’ and techtimeout’s unique partnership, but we can’t wait to see how we can change the way people think about tech, together.

Make sure to check out HelloHalo and techtimeout for more info!


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