Six Ticks work with Family Charity to build a New App

Six Ticks work with Family Charity to build a New App

Six Ticks work with Family Charity to build a New App

  • 29th November 2021
  • Six Ticks Limited

Family Gateway is a fantastic charity based in North-East England that assists disadvantaged families. We were given the opportunity earlier this year to create a new web app to supplement their face-to-face visits. The goal was to create a hub where families could access their activities and check them off as they completed them. It also required a CRM system to store contact information, manage data, and upload documents. We worked hard to ensure that we exceeded expectations and the project was a big success.

The project allows Family Gateway to:

  • Upload and share documents.
  • Set activities for family members and track their progress.
  • Share useful information and contact numbers.
  • Securely chat with the families via Six Ticks IM - a built-in, encrypted instant messaging system that synchronises messages and data directly with Six Ticks CRM.


Family Gateway works with disadvantaged families in poverty

Family Gateway does excellent work in their local community with families that need their help. They work alongside the whole family to provide stability and resilience in the home, resulting in a better life for the children. There are a variety of issues that Family Gateway assists with, but the most common are: long-term unemployment, severe debt, addiction, domestic abuse, poor housing conditions, and child neglect. Family Gateway employs local parents who have dealt with the same or similar challenges. This is important because they believe it is the most effective method to form a bond and get the trust necessary to help them.

Family Gateway visits families in their homes, but they also have a community centre in the area. The hub is a wonderful place for local families to get to know one another, socialise, and have fun. There are activities, a gym, and a cafe within the centre, so there are lots of facilities for families to enjoy. Family Gateway values a strong sense of community and pride in the neighbourhood, which is why the centre is supported by volunteers. Local residents volunteer in a variety of ways, ranging from gardening to serving on the management committee.

Family Gateway



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