Stylish and Simple – Guide to Great Website Design

Stylish and Simple – Guide to Great Website Design

Stylish and Simple – Guide to Great Website Design

  • 14th February 2020
  • Six Ticks Limited

Here at Shropshire based website developers Six Ticks, we know that a great looking, high performing website can be the key to generating more enquiries and helping to make sales!

That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to explain how customers react to badly designed sites, and why a good looking, well designed website is so important!

1.       Embrace Easy to Read Content

Having content which is difficult to read is a big no no for website users. If you’re using a difficult to read font type, or the font is too small, then people are likely to leave your site and find one that doesn’t make them squint!

You have to also remember that more people access websites on mobile devices than they do desktops or laptops nowadays, so making sure your website is fully mobile optimised is extremely important. People aren’t going to tolerate messing around with a site which isn’t easy to browse on their smartphone any longer…

2.       Make Sure Your Site Looks Trustworthy

In web design looks are important!

If your website looks unprofessional or unsecure, it’s likely that visitors won’t stick around, especially if your site is one that asks for payments or personal details to sell your product or make a reservation.

Make sure you invest in an SSL Security Certificate (https://) and that the design of your site is modern and professional.

3.       Keep the Design Simple!

If the design and content of your website is confusing, it’s going to frustrate visitors. Make sure your website clearly represents your product or service and that it is easy for people to contact you through calls to action.

Investing in extra features like online bookings or shops is also super important in today’s competitive online marketplace. If your website is ticking all the boxes, it will be worth your while with the extra revenue these features will bring in.

4.       Make Sure Visitors Can Find What They’re Looking For!

We’ve all been there. You land on a site and frustratingly, you can’t find the ‘contact us’ button, phone number, or even most basic information about what the company or product does.

Sometimes people get so lost in the design that they forget the basics: having a clear mission statement, great content, and easy to navigate menu is suuuper important.

5.       Check for Errors and Broken Buttons!

It’s infuriating when you’re trying to use a website and the most basic functions aren’t working!

Do regular checks on your site to make sure the buttons are all working and there aren’t any of those pesky 404 error pages. You’ll have happier visitors who are more likely to stick around and explore!

And Now a Great Example of Stunning Web Design…

Here at Shropshire web developers Six Ticks, we pride ourselves on amazing web design and we are super excited to share our latest website for creative sign makers Sly Fox Design.

Why not take a look at the sleek new site which is packed with features.

Stylish Web Design Shropshire

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