Survey says new website for Advantage Geomatics

Survey says new website for Advantage Geomatics

Survey says new website for Advantage Geomatics

  • 9th August 2017
  • Six Ticks Limited

Survey says - New Website for Advantage Geomatics!

Here at Six Ticks we have a wide range of interesting clients from a number of different backgrounds.

We've developed apps and websites for locksmiths, semi-professional wrestlers, law firms, charities, chalets, recruitment companies, and barges (to name a few!). But our latest project took us underground into the mysterious world of surveying and topography.

A Chance Meeting

We met Richard the Managing Director of Advantage Geomatics via the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce. After 20+ years of experience in the world of surveying Richard had recently decided to use his expertise to launch his own business Advantage Geomatics.

The business had been operating for a few months but he noticed his website was performing poorly on Google searches and thought it might be time to look into what was going on.

Six Ticks love helping new businesses navigate the sometimes confusing world of IT, and we offered Richard one of our free digital reviews to see how we could help.

Digging Deeper

The website looked good, but we immediately noticed that Advantage had followed the path which many new businesses take and had created a self-built Wix website. These are websites packages you can directly buy online and build yourself. They offer a really quick solution for a new business and can be a great way to quickly get a business online.

What many people don't know is that although the websites can look great, behind the scenes there is lots going on which could be holding a business back.

A key factor is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - many website builders are punished by search engines such as Google for having clunkily-coded, slow-loading, websites without SSL encryption (https), as well as a wide range of behind the scenes factors which can affect user experience and SEO ranking.

Building the Perfect Website

As a new business, first impressions are key, so it was vital that Advantage Geomatics's website was easy to find and ticked all the boxes. Our digital review found that Advantage Geomatic's Wix website was hard to find, even when you googled the business name.

Six Ticks Unearthed a Solution!

We presented our digital review and recommended a brand new Six Ticks website. Our websites are Google friendly, with https security, blogs, with a host of functions customised to each business. After spending some time with Richard, we learnt all we could about his vision, his brand, his ethos, his services, his target... the list goes on and on. It's important for us to get a really clear understanding of the business, and those who it needs to target!

After this we got to work, design concepts, colour schemes, content and imagery all got carefully coded, tapped and created to compose the initial draft of the site. A few revisions later, some training and a lot of back-end work to get the site optimised against our check lists! (That's right, we do literally tick all the boxes with our projects!) The site is ready for launch - Check it out here:

Advantage Geomatics

What Richard Sparks, Owner has to say:

"Working with Six Ticks has been brilliant I am pleased to have a professional website to showcase the work of Advantage Geomatics. The new website looks fantastic - within 24 hours of the website going live we actually received a new enquiry from a potential client which was really great."

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