Acorn's Colourful New Website Springs to Life!

Acorn's Colourful New Website Springs to Life!

Acorn's Colourful New Website Springs to Life!

  • 26th June 2017
  • Six Ticks Limited

Acorn's Colourful New Website Springs to Life!

This week we launched a brilliant new website for family support organisation The Acorn Family.

The Acorn Family was created by experienced psychologist Kay Brophy and the organisation provides a wide range of counselling and services to help children, young people and families to cope with emotional challenges and crisis.

Kay has been working with schools since 2007 and a key part of her services include creative therapy and using characters or stories to help children to understand and express their feelings.

Kay has recently published a series of books called 'Finding Your Way' which aim to help children to understand their emotions by taking them on a journey through different feelings. You can find out more or buy the books by visiting the new website:

Kay's comments: "All families can go through difficult times and often the right kind of support is hard to find. All children, in every walk of life, will struggle with their feelings from time to time. Modern family life is complex and it could be argued that children have to deal with more emotional pressures than ever before and many parents, carers, teachers etc. struggle to know how to effectively deal with them to. My books have been written to help people identify and express feelings safely and playfully through stories."

Six Ticks loved working on this project and the final result is one of our boldest, most colourful, fun websites' to date which you can view here:

Stephanie Henson, Six Ticks Sales Director comments:

"Six Ticks work with a number of charities and social/care organisations and we always feel privileged to have the opportunity to create professional websites which are easy to navigate and showcase their great work."

"We hope that children and adults will love using the family friendly website which will give them easy access to Kay's fantastic support services."

Time for a shiny new website?

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