The Shrewsbury Festival of Literature

The Shrewsbury Festival of Literature

The Shrewsbury Festival of Literature

  • 4th November 2016
  • Six Ticks Limited

We were asked by Susan Caroline, the owner of Pengwern Books if we would support the first inaugural Shrewsbury of Literature 2016. After learning more about the Festival, and learning more about how the festival was born (you can the full story on the Shrewsbury Festival of Literature About Us page), we just knew that we wanted to be involved! Born from an idea, between people all with a love of literature over coffee, the Shrewsbury Festival of Literature was created.

The Brief

Susan (Festival Chair) asked us for a simple, easy-to-navigate, responsive website that would allow them to give users information about the festival, showcase their events, allow people to book tickets and collect email addresses for marketing within a CRM system. They also wanted the ability to easily update the website, and wanted an email account that multiple people could access.

We were able to deliver exactly this:

The Shrewsbury Festival of Literature

The website utilises our easy-to-use Content Management System that allows users to easily update website content! We always say, if you can use Microsoft Word, you can use our system! Gone are the days of paying your web developer every time you want to make a tweak or add a page - our clients just log-in and do it their selves.

We also gave the festival a domain email address, which we connected to Gmail - a common email platform that more of the committee members were already familiar with. Emails could be accessed on the go from anywhere, allowing them flexibility, and ensuring they didn't miss anything!

The festival was a great success and hosted 18 events over the three days (pheww!) They really did have something for everyone from writing workshops, to self-publishing advice, to talks from a variety of authors to family-friend literary fun!

We are very pleased that we decided to sponsor the Shrewsbury Festival of Literature, and are already counting down the days for next year!! You can find out more information about the Festival at

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