The top 10 reasons Progressive Web Apps are on the rise

The top 10 reasons Progressive Web Apps are on the rise

The top 10 reasons Progressive Web Apps are on the rise

  • 17th January 2018
  • Six Ticks Limited

Progressive web apps or 'PWAs' are on the rise. If you've never heard of them, they've been billed as the future of mobile devices.

What is a PWA?

PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) are essentially websites which are built for mobile devices and built to act like full mobile apps. It's like having the best bits of a website and the best bit of a mobile app all in one.

Here's 10 reasons they blow regular apps out of the water:

  1. You Don't Have to Download Them

    You Don't Have to Download Them

    Sick of watching the little downloading icon slowly making ticking away? With progressive apps downloading is a thing of the past! You just click on a url link and the app will launch straight away.

    No searching in the app store, no passwords to remember, no wasting precious data, no updates... We like the sound of that!

  2. They Use Less Storage Space

    They Use Less Storage Space

    Tired of trying to download an app and not having space on your device? Or that annoying moment when you try to take a picture on your phone but the memory is full?

    As PWAs don't download to your phone, they use much less space than a normal app, so you'll be able to fill your phone with more selfies than ever!

  3. PWAs are Fast

    PWAs are Fast

    PWA's work faster than mobile apps due to the underlying tech and coding used. Better performance means a much better experience for users, and better retention and engagement.

    In fact, PWAs must load in less than 3 seconds, otherwise they are not considered to be proper Progressive Web Apps.

  4. Apple's Rule is Over

    Apple's Rule is Over

    One of the great things about a progressive web app development is that they don't rely on Apple's slow, expensive, and sometimes rigid publishing rules.

    The apps are independent of Apple and Android stores, meaning developers can publish them faster and the developer doesn't have to wait for approval for updates.

  5. SEO Benefits

    SEO Benefits

    PWAs are essentially websites which means they are good for SEO!

    They are discoverable and indexed by Google which means they will appear in search engine results and they will help your business to get found! A proper PWA development will seamlessly load when accessing a site on your phone, so you don't have to have a separate link for your website and your app.

  6. They're Responsive

    They're Responsive

    PWA's have a great feature.

    They are easily able to adapt to any screen size, whether it mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop, PWAs are optimised for any device which provides a seamless, intuitive experience for users.

  7. They Work Well Offline

    They Work Well Offline

    PWA's are different from apps or websites, because they work better when you're offline. PWAs save information from your last visit so that you can access this information offline, providing a great user experience and increasing engagement with the app.

  8. They Are Like Apps!

    They Are Like Apps!

    PWAs solve an age old tech problem. They live on a website but provide the user experience of apps. It's sort of like websites and mobile apps came together, fell in love, got married, and had a child, and consumers are reaping the benefits!

  9. Notifications


    PWAs are still able to offer those priceless features such as push notifications.

    Push notifications are valuable to businesses, with a 95% open rate, they are proven to be much more effective than marketing emails.

    Trivago increased hotel offer engagement by 97% with their PWA, and found that users 67% of users who went offline continued to browse when they reconnected.

  10. Six Ticks Can Develop PWAs!

    Six Ticks Can Develop PWAs!

    Another great positive - Six Ticks specialise Progressive Web Application development and can help your business to get web appy! We are experts in developing quality professional PWAs, so if you'd like to find out more about what a PWA can do for your business, then get in touch today!


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