Web Developers Six Ticks’ Celebrate Another Great Year

Web Developers Six Ticks’ Celebrate Another Great Year

Web Developers Six Ticks’ Celebrate Another Great Year

  • 27th December 2019
  • Six Ticks Limited

It’s nearly the end of the year, and our web development elves are busy making the final finishing touches on some great new Six Ticks websites.

This week, we launched the brand new mobile-friendly website for Shropshire constructions experts SWG Group and we must say it’s a cracker! See for yourself!

And, as we say goodbye to 2019, the Six Ticks team has also been getting all sentimental and taking a look at what has been another action-packed year in the world of website and CRM development!

The Six Ticks Car Curse and ‘Bannergate’

Let’s kick things off with some hiccups we experienced this year, otherwise known as ‘The Six Ticks Car Curse’ and ‘Bannergate’.

Our team found that life on the road can be cruel. Between us, we experienced no less than four roadside breakdowns, and subsequently, three of our cars went to the big scrapyard in the sky.

Advice for 2020? Don’t carpool with us!

It was also the year of ‘bannergate’ where Managing Director Ian, unaware of his own strength tore a brand new Six Ticks banner apart whilst taking it out of the box for the first time. He has not yet been forgiven for this senseless act of destruction!

Websites and CRM Systems Galore!

And now for the good news!

This year we’ve loved developing websites and CRM systems for businesses of all shapes and sizes. From memory experts, to award-winning travel agents, local charities, national telecommunications experts and brand new businesses, no challenge was too big for us and we’ve created some cracking solutions for our clients.

It’s been our biggest year ever, we’ve worked with/on:

  • 100 clients
  • 26 websites
  • 45 projects

It was also a year when Six Ticks walked the red carpet after receiving several key award nominations, including a nomination for ‘Technology, Enterprise, and Innovation’ by the Shropshire Chamber Business Awards 2019.

Six Ticks Sales Director, Steff Henson, was then nominated for a LinkedIn Real Faces of Sales Award, and outstandingly finished in the top ten out of hundreds of national nominees.

They say good things come in threes, and later in the year, we were honoured to hear that Six Ticks had been recognised as ‘Leaders in Digital System Implementation, 2019' by SME News’s 2019 Business Elite Programme.

What a year!

Helping Out In the Community

Our year has also been packed full of fun community and charity activities, including:

  • Becoming the new kit sponsor for local youth team Shrewsbury Up and Comers FC.
  • Our team volunteered at a new soapbox derby event ‘Krazy Races’ and created a brand new website for them too!
  • We supported the amazing Shrewsbury Festival of Literature.
  • We’re taking on the 12kms of Christmas for the Lingen Davies Cancer Fund.

And there’s even more charity fun planned for 2020, starting with the Six Ticks sponsored event the Lingen Davies Colour Run. Entries are open now so why not join us?

Six Ticks’ Sales Director Steff Henson, always a glutton for punishment, has also signed up to run the 2020 London Marathon for Shropshire based deaf and hard of hearing charity Signal. Wish her luck!

Thank You!

We’d like to thank all of our great friends and clients for a fantastic 2019 and we can’t wait to work with you in 2020!

Have a great festive season and Happy New Year to everyone!

If you’d like to give your business and online makeover by upgrading your website in 2020, then why not contact our friendly team? Alternatively, you can request a free digital review and we’ll take a look to see how your current site is performing.


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