Why Your Golf Club Needs a Mobile App

Why Your Golf Club Needs a Mobile App

Why Your Golf Club Needs a Mobile App

  • 4th October 2016
  • Six Ticks Limited

There is no better feeling than enjoying a game of golf with your buddies. But, how mobile-friendly is your golf club? Are they keeping up, or are they beginning to lose touch?

The Benefits of Going Mobile

Great Barr Golf Club Mobile AppThere are a few courses that offer their members a free mobile app and members of other courses find themselves thinking, "I wish my golf club was mobile". It would not only enhance the booking and playing experience, but open the club up to great financial opportunities as well. Affordable mobile app development from Six Ticks allow courses to connect with their members, allow their members to connect with them, and allow growth of marketing channels and even funding. They also boost customer retention with additional convenience for members, loyalty and contact features, and much more. Below are some of the main features that can impact a golf course's revenue and operations.

Key Mobile App Features for Golf Courses

  1. Monetising the App

    Affordable mobile apps are key. Allow your members to send their scores in to the club pro, so they can monitor progress, suggesting lessons and new equipment when necessary. Get local business to advertise on the app to cover the costs, so the club gets a free app and everyone wins!

  2. Mobile Scorecard

    Throw away those old, paper scorecards. With mobile scorecards, players don't have to worry about losing bits of paper. Better than that, you won't have to worry about trying to read your friend's handwriting! It's all right there, plain as day, on your mobile phone!

  3. Custom Golf Course Tracking

    Courses can offer their golfers insight into each hole on the course, such as distances, bunkers, and basic golf tips. The mobile app helps each golfer to perform better, giving members a great opportunity to improve their game.

  4. Tee Times

    Its 2016, so why do we have to wait for the club to open to book a tee-time? With a mobile app, it doesn't matter if you're watching TV on a Saturday night, lying in bed, or out and about, just open the app and use the synchronised reservation feature to book an available tee-time for you and your friends, then play some golf! This makes the booking process more automated, more available, and more streamlined for the club and golfers alike.

  5. Event Announcements

    Golf clubs aren't just for playing golf. They are a place to socialise and a place to host events. The events feature allows clubs to post the dates and times public events, like tournaments, and allow provides an additional selling point for weddings and corporate events too. Members can view the upcoming calendar of public events for detailed info, log their attendance, upload photos, and leave messages.

Safaa Golf Club Affordable Mobile AppLearn more about the Golf Course Mobile App Features.

Days on the course are near perfect, but wouldn't you love your golf club to join the modern mobile era and make things easier for you and other members? Make sure your club is looking to the future, attracting new members, and providing an enhanced experience with the convenience of a customised mobile app!

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