Working from Home - Is Your Business Remote Ready?

Working from Home - Is Your Business Remote Ready?

Working from Home - Is Your Business Remote Ready?

  • 11th March 2020
  • Six Ticks Limited

With increasing concerns about COVID-19, workplaces across the country are introducing remote working protocols to prevent the spread of the virus and help to keep workers safe.

Making it easy for staff to work from home to ensure your business is productive and safe is extremely important, as the government may potentially impose further containment measures in the coming weeks.

Six Ticks specialise in helping businesses to set up safe and efficient remote working practices, so in these testing times we are offering  remote working consultations and sharing our top tips for getting your business remote ready:

Accessing Files from Home

Remote desktops, where staff can access your business’s systems using an internet connection, are the safest and most efficient way for remote workers to access their files and emails.

These systems mean that staff will have access to all their usual files and will not need to transport them, save them on their home computers, or give out personal email details. All work is done within your protected system, so it's a great option for your workforce.

Six Ticks can provide consultations on remote desktops for your business – get in touch today!


When it comes to home working, one of the biggest concerns of many workplaces is data security.

If staff are using their personal laptops and accessing files from home (even through a secure remote desktop), it’s important that you have strict security processes in place and that your staff are fully briefed and aware of these so that they do not download confidential items onto their desktops, or take actions that put your data at risk.

Online Meetings

Staying in touch is extremely important for teams working remotely, so it’s important you have a cost-efficient and easy-to-use online meeting system which your staff can easily access and use for free from their laptops or phones.

Using these systems, staff won’t need to have a work mobile or use their personal phone numbers, making it easy for colleagues and clients to contact them, and for everyone to stay in touch.

Need Help Making Your Business Remote Ready?

Six Ticks is here to help businesses to get remote ready quickly and help you to implement the most efficient and secure systems for your business.

Contact us today for advice, information, and support on getting your employees working remotely.


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