Benefits of iSchool App

iSchool App benefits

Free Unlimited Messages

Send as many push-notifications/alerts to parents and students with iSchool App, and the best part? They're free.

iSchool App

Save your School Money

By using iSchool App, you can eliminate costly sms messaging and printed information sheets.

iSchool App benefits

Keep Parents/Students Updated

It's important that parents and students have up to date information, and iSchool App enables schools to do that.

iSchool App benefits

Fundraise with iSchool App

iSchool App comes with a fully functional payment system that let's your school receive donations and payments.

iSchool App benefits

Integrate School Work

With iSchool App your school can really connect with students. Display homework schedule's, school calendar's...and more.

iSchool App benefits

Promote your School

iSchool App is a great promotional tool to showcase all the events and happenings in your school.

Tap into School

Your very only mobile app for your school not only has a heap of cost-saving benefits, but also puts you on the map to be providing an innovative method of communication that will benefits teachers, students, and parents alike.

The mobile app is completely branded to your school, and can be customised to suit what you're looking to achieve. We'd love to show you a demo and showcase what this app can do for you. Just click the button below!

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Features of iSchool App

iSchool App features

Instant Messaging/Alerts

Keep parents and students updated by sending instant messages or push notification alerts which are received instantly.

iSchool App features

Events & News

Enter event and news information into iSchool App. Parents and students can set reminders for each event.

iSchool App features

It's Your School App

iSchool App is published school-by-school, uses your branding, and is available free to download.

iSchool App features


Don't waste money on printed newsletters. Upload them directly to iSchool App to be viewed at any time.

iSchool App features

Absentee Forms

This great feature enables parents to submit an absentee letter, which is received by the school administrator.

iSchool App features

Display Homework

Students can access homework assigned to them at any time. Display in-app or integrate with your Google account.

iSchool App features

School Calendar

Shows events in list format month by month, and calendar format. A great way to see all your school events.

iSchool App features

Payments & Fundraising

iSchool App has a complete payment solution. Integrate with your PayPal account or accept cash payments.

iSchool App features


In one click you can password protect your app. Give access to only those in your school community.

iSchool App features

GPS Directions

iSchool App has a GPS solution that displays directions to your school, along with one touch phone calling.

iSchool App features

Contact Forms

Our contact forms enables parents and students to send messages directly to the school or a teacher.

iSchool App features

Photo/Video Gallery

Use our beautifully designed photo and video galleries to display the schools event's throughout the year.