Social Media

It's happening whether you are "on it" or not!

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It's no longer optional

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Google Plus are not only used to share pictures of cats and babies, they're also fantastic tools for engaging potential customers and creating opportunities.

The problem for a lot of companies is having the time and resources to make social media worthwhile.

Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google+ and Google Maps, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and more...


These really are true...

People will talk about your business on Social Media, whether you have accounts or not. Just check out these stats:

  • 1.5bn Facebook Accounts (1.1bn active).
  • 500m tweets sent every day.
  • 300m LinkedIn Accounts.
  • 70m photos shared every day on Instagram.
  • 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute.

Over 75% of all Internet users use social media. It's happening, with or without you!


Make the most out of Social Media.

Maybe you just want a nudge in the right direction, or maybe you are a completely new to social media and would like some training on how you can make the most of it, tailored for your business.

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million active
Twitter users
million active
Tumblr users
million active
Facebook users
million active
Instagram users
million active
LinkedIn users

The real cost of Social Media

Social Media Tree

The real costs of social media are threefold.
The first is time.
The second is not getting involved.
The third is getting involved and then stopping.

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