Enhancing Children's Learning Journey: Equipping Kids and Six Ticks Partnership

Enhancing Children's Learning Journey: Equipping Kids and Six Ticks Partnership

Enhancing Children's Learning Journey: Equipping Kids and Six Ticks Partnership

  • 14th August 2023
  • Six Ticks Limited

Advancements in technology have significantly improved numerous aspects of our daily routines. Equipping Kids (EK), a visionary organisation dedicated to enhancing children's everyday lives by developing their skills and knowledge, recognised this and wanted to harness the potential of technology to aid them in achieving their mission. They partnered with Six Ticks, a leading web design company, to help customise their website and create a user-friendly web portal that would revolutionise the way children learn and grow.

Since the launch of the Equipping Kids website a couple of years ago, the business and services have evolved significantly. Recognising the need to reflect on this progress, Sam and the EK team have decided to implement changes to the web site. While the initial focus was on the portal and onboarding schools, EK is now looking to promote other areas in which they are involved. These areas encompass Connected Learning, an approach to transform learner engagement and realise their potential, and Change Makers, community-centred initiatives that amplify children's voices and promote meaningful participation.

Six Ticks, renowned for their expertise in web development, set out to upgrade their website and create a login portal for EK, seamlessly linked to a back-end CRM system for efficient data management and a user-friendly CMS to handle website content. Six Ticks offers fully-managed hosting and domain management as part of their comprehensive service, ensuring a hassle-free experience for Equipping Kids without the burden of multiple bills.

The login page serves as the primary gateway to the EK portal. User login details are managed by the Customer Relationship Management system, granting EK the ability to manage all aspects of the system and control access where necessary. Additionally, users have the option to reset their passwords independently through the portal.

Upon successful login, administrators and teachers are greeted with a comprehensive dashboard, serving as the central hub for the system. The dashboard provides easy access to various features, enabling efficient management of student well-being and learning.

A significant portion of the data within the system is derived from the questionnaire/survey form in the portal. Temperature-taking, both "instant" and "investigation" plays a vital role in assessing children's emotional states and progress. The teacher can conduct instant temperature checks by asking questions such as "raise your hand if you feel happy," and subsequently enter the number of children expressing happiness.

The portal visually represents this data using happy/sad emoticons or similar graphical elements. For more detailed investigation temperatures, the form allows children, classes, or teachers to provide in-depth responses, with the CRM system capturing and processing the data accordingly.

Six Ticks also suggested upgrading the website to include a Media Hub, which allows pages of content to be grouped by project. This feature enables EK to showcase their work effectively and engage visitors through blogs and newsletters. Additionally, a general revamp of the website was suggested to tidy up older pages and enhance content areas, specifically the Home and About pages. By refreshing the website's design and optimising the content, EK can create a more compelling and informative user experience.

Equipping Kids' collaboration with Six Ticks has paved the way for a transformative online presence. Through the creation of a mobile-first website and a user-friendly portal, EK can support children in developing essential skills and knowledge while promoting their well-being. Six Ticks' expertise in web development and CRM systems ensures that Equipping Kids has a reliable and secure online platform to manage data, engage with users, and expand their reach.

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