We talk tea and tech with new Six Ticks Sales Manager Dan

We talk tea and tech with  new Six Ticks Sales Manager Dan

We talk tea and tech with new Six Ticks Sales Manager Dan

  • 22nd November 2018
  • Six Ticks Limited

This week, we take five minutes to talk to new Six Ticks Sales Manager Dan to talk tea, tech, pay-per-click, web design Chester, and if pineapple on pizza is wrong…

Welcome to Six Ticks Dan, to start with, let’s see what makes you tick…!

Coffee or tea?

Odd one straight off the bat… the doctor says I’m not allowed either! But I’d say coffee. Even worse, as a proud Englishman, I’m embarrassed to say I only started drinking tea this year whilst living in Malaysia!

City or countryside living?

I’m a city boy, thrive off 24-hour living, dining and amenities.

Early mornings or late nights?

I used to be a perennial all-nighter, but now I’m up at 5 am each day and you’ll get nothing sensible out of me beyond 15:30!

Who’s your favourite movie villain?

My favourite movie villain has to be Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men, played by Javier Bardem. If you haven’t seen the infamous Coin Toss scene, I implore you to watch it, NOW!

What’s been your favourite year of your life and why?

2018. Whilst living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I had the good fortune to visit Penang in the north and a number of neighbouring countries to soak up their cultures, history and most enjoyably, THE FOOD! Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia were all outstanding, and I could easily write pages and pages on my time in each.

What was your first mobile phone?

The Motorola M3788e, more affectionately known as the Brickarola! Quickly followed by a series of Nokias starting with the 3210… I bet there’s still battery left on it!
What’s your favourite bit of tech?

Cloud computing. A mix of hardware and software, and easily the most important tool in my life now across my devices. Gone are the days of hard drive failures causing the loss of everything digital dear to you!

Did you own a Minidisc player and if so why?

I’m sat here in my home office in front of an old, unplugged Sony MDS JE-480. Still wondering how these things never took off!

How often do you check your phone?

Weekdays, whenever it screams at me; Weekends, as little as is humanly possible. I recently disabled almost every app on my old HTC U Play and it’s been a revelation in limiting procrastination and maximising battery life.

Tell us about your career so far and what has brought you to Six Ticks!

After seven years at the helm of a digital media company and three more in business and marketing consultancy, a chance to join my old friend Steff and company was just too perfect to pass up! Six Ticks did some work for my previous companies and the standard was incredible, so we’ve been on each other’s radars for some time.

What do you like about Six Ticks?

There are two things I admire highly: the first, almost all of their custom has come from referrals. Their reputation is second to none, and I’ve been amazed at how reliable a revenue source word of mouth has been; Secondly, the culture. There’s no top-down hierarchy or needless middle management. Just easy to navigate channels of communication and the correct amount of input from members of staff across all departments.

What will your role at Six Ticks involve (and what’s your official job title)?

Officially a Regional Account Manager, but the role will involve much more: project management, PPC, data analysis, sales.

In less than 20 words, explain why Pay-Per-Click can be awesome!

Return on investment. Set up today, results tomorrow. The swiftest, most powerful marketing tool available.

What’s your prediction for future tech?

If we don’t see all major databases and wider web-based applications on the blockchain in the next 10-20 years I’ll be amazed. The advantages of data integrity and security are unparalleled; if you know little about this area I’d definitely suggest you get clued up and ahead of the curve.

And finally, the most important question of them all. Is pineapple on pizza wrong?

I used to be a purist, not to a Neapolitan extent but pineapple was still sacrilege! Now, I tend to eat vegetarian during the week and will often opt for pineapple.

So, you read it here folks, pineapple on pizza is a valid topping.

If you disagree, or if you want to ask Dan about tech, pay-per-click, or Chester's friendliest website development company, then contact Six Ticks today!


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