5 ways DIY Web Builders Hold Your Business Back

5 ways DIY Web Builders Hold Your Business Back

5 ways DIY Web Builders Hold Your Business Back

  • 6th April 2018
  • Six Ticks Limited

Website builders...

They're cheap to use, you can create and launch them all by yourself, and you can get your new website live in an instant.

What's not to love huh? Well, read on and find out why Six Ticks never use these systems...

On the surface do-it-yourself web design might seem like a great way to get your business online and develop a new website quickly, and on the cheap.

But when it comes to website builders, things aren't quite all they seem, and the old saying "You get what you pay for" certainly comes into play.

In this blog we take a look at 5 key problems with self-build web development:

  1. Enemies of SEO!

    Enemies of SEO!

    Yep, your self-built website can look great, but what if people can't find it online?

    It's like having a brilliant yacht, in the middle of a desert. There's just no point!

    It's a well-known fact that standard web builders and Google just don't get along as well as they should. Poor coding, bad security, and slow loading sites, are all part of a much deeper problem that means your site will be outcast by Google.

    If you want your website to be found online, then it's best to chat to a specialist web development company like Six Ticks. We build customised websites which are mates with Google!

  2. Security


    Website builders often use open source software and third-party plugins, meaning that thousands (yes, honestly... thousands) of different people may have contributed to their programming and development, and you have no way to verify the quality of their work or that malicious code has not been hidden in the plugins. Therefore, these sites are often vulnerable to hacks.

    By using a bespoke website development company like Six Ticks, you'll know the coding and software has been created in-house. Nobody else has been involved and the code is not available to potential attackers, so your website is more secure and much less vulnerable to attack.

    Plus, 73% of customers admit to abandoning a website due to concerns about security. If yours isn't up to scratch, your customers will be gone in a flash… and they may never return.

  3. Flexibility


    Your business is unique and your website should be too!

    Millions of people use the website templates sold by website builders and in the world of website design, one size shouldn't fit all.

    You need a website which is beautifully developed just for you, with features that help you to grow as a business. Features should be customised to fit the way your business works, rather than your business changing to match a feature or process.

    Your website should highlight your business's ethos and unique character, and have all the features YOU and YOUR customers need.

    Six Ticks work closely with each client to understand your business and create a site which is about you! Your website will look great and have all the features your business requires.

  4. You're on Your Own!

    You're on your Own!

    If your self-build website goes down or develops faults, you will lose business.

    With web builders you will never get the same service and support as if your website was developed by a website development company.

    Working with a web developer means you can pick up the phone and chat with the actual person who made your site. They'll likely identify the problem immediately and make it their priority to fix it.

    At Six Ticks we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and even offer 24/7 emergency support as standard to all of our customers.

    You just don't get that sort of support with self-build sites!

  5. Mobile-Friendly


    In the world today, more people own mobile phones than toothbrushes! So it's fair to say that mobile friendliness is a big deal.

    You know how frustrating it is when you try to look at a website on your phone and the layout is confusing, the links are too small, or you have to squint to read the text?

    With over 15 different "common" screen sizes to choose from, mobile-friendly websites are not easy to code. So it's no surprise that self-build websites don't always look great on mobiles.

    More people access websites on mobile devices than computers nowadays, so if your business is not completely mobile-friendly, then you're not people friendly.

    And people are your customers... aren't they?!!!

Six Ticks - The Answer to your Web Design Problems!

So, now do you see why self-build websites are a big no, no?

Give your business what it deserves and invest in a Six Ticks custom built website, packed with features which work for YOU.

Take a look at our beautiful portfolio and get in touch to find out more about our services today.


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